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AOL Search 2005 Popular Terms : Paris Hilton, Lottery & Thomas the Tank Engine

AOL Search 2005 Popular Terms : Paris Hilton, Lottery & Thomas the Tank Engine

AOL Search 2005 Popular Terms : Paris Hilton, Lottery & Thomas the Tank Engine

AOL Search has put out a rather extensive list of top AOL Search terms for 2005 at which includes Paris Hilton as the most searched celebrity in 2005, “lottery” as the most popular search term, iPod as the top gadget and Green Day as the most popular band. “Lottery” emerged as the most searched word in 2005, followed by “horoscopes” (no. 2) and “tattoos” (no. 3). New search terms that emerged in 2005 include the addictive puzzle “Sudoku,” the irregular minting of the new “Wisconsin Quarter” and the global music event “Live 8.” “Gas Prices” made the top news stories search, and in the strange reflection of American culture (including the Paris Hilton and Green Day rankings), WWE Pro Wrestlers John Cena & Eddie Guerrero made the Top Ten Athletes searched for on AOL Search.

“Millions of people search online through AOL Search for a wide spectrum of things, but there are those terms that are looked-up more frequently than others,” said Jim Riesenbach, senior vice president of AOL Search and Directional Media. “From news and people that grab attention to popular products and common queries, the most searched for topics online during 2005 are a reflection of what was top of mind or what people wanted to find more information about.”

Here are the ‘highlights’ of the top 2005 searches on AOL Search:

Top Words: 1) Lottery 2) Horoscopes 3) Tattoos 4) Lyrics 5) Ringtones 6) IRS 7) Jokes 8) American Idol 9) Hairstyles 10) NASCAR.

Top Celebrities: 1) Paris Hilton 2) Oprah Winfrey 3) Jessica Simpson 4) Britney Spears 5) Lindsay Lohan 6) Pamela Anderson 7) Angelina Jolie 8) Jesse McCartney 9) Hilary Duff 10) 50 Cent.

Top Video Search Results: 1) 50 Cent 2) Paris Hilton 3) Tsunami 4) Madonna 5) Angelina Jolie 6) Jessica Simpson 7) Ciara 8) Pamela Anderson 9) American Idol 10) Star Wars.

Top News Stories: 1) Natalee Holloway 2) The tsunami 3) Hurricanes 4) Pope John Paul II 5) Gas prices 6) Live 8 7) Terri Schiavo 8) Earthquakes 9) Rosa Parks 10) The bird flu.

Top Celebrity Couples: 1) Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston 2) Donald Trump and Melania Knauss 3) Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger 4) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 5) Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey 6) Bow Wow and Ciara 7) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 8) Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 9) Prince Charles and Camilla 10) Rob and Amber.

Top Athletes: 1) Danica Patrick 2) Lance Armstrong 3) Serena Williams 4) Eddie Guerrero 5) John Cena 6) Maria Sharapova 7) Derek Jeter 8) Anna Kournikova 9) Jackie Robinson 10) Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Top Bands: 1) Green Day 2) My Chemical Romance 3) Fall Out Boy 4) The Killers 5) Black-Eyed Peas 6) Slipknot 7) G-Unit 8) The Wiggles 9) Pussycat Dolls 10) Good Charlotte.

Top Songs: 1) &#8220We Belong Together&#8221 by Mariah Carey 2) &#8220Hollaback Girl&#8221 by Gwen Stefani 3) &#8220My Humps&#8221 by Black Eyed Peas 4) &#8220Candy Shop&#8221 by 50 Cent 5) &#8220Listen to Your Heart&#8221 by DHT 6) &#8220Laffy Taffy&#8221 by D4L 7) &#8220Gold Digger&#8221 by Kanye West 8) &#8220Disco Inferno&#8221 by 50 Cent 9) &#8220La Tortura&#8221 by Shakira 10) &#8220Obsession&#8221 by Frankie J.

Top TV Shows: 1) American Idol 2) Big Brother 3) Wheel of Fortune 4) Survivor 5) Oprah Winfrey Show 6) Days of Our Lives 7) Lost 8) The Apprentice 9) Today Show 10) Good Morning America.

Top Movies: 1) Harry Potter 2) Star Wars 3) Napoleon Dynamite 4) Dukes of Hazzard 5) Fantastic Four 6) War of the Worlds 7) Lord of the Rings 8) Batman Begins 9) White Noise 10) Constantine.

Top Toys: 1) Barbie 2) Elmo 3) Bratz 4) Polly Pockets 5) Dora the Explorer 6) Thomas the Tank Engine 7) Care Bears 8) American Girl 9) Legos 10) Scooters.

Top Gadgets / Gadget Brands: 1) iPod 2) Cell Phones 3) Playstation 3 4) Xbox 360 5) mp3 Players 6) XM Radio 7) Laptops 8) Palm Pilot 9) Sirius Radio 10) GPS.

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