Matt Cutts States Page Speed Is Not A More Important Ranking Factor On Mobile

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Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, stated in a video response that page load speed is not any more important as a ranking factor for mobile searches than it is for desktop searches.

He summed it up by saying:

It is not that in mobile, we apply that [page speed ranking factor] any more or less than desktop search.

Knowing this it is important to keep in mind that while Google’s algorithm may not place more importance on page load speed for mobile searches, the end user certainly does.

Cutts realizes this as well and concluded by saying that Google will continue to look at ways of incorporating page load speed on mobile devices into their algorithm if it makes sense for them to do so.

Matt Cutts has been in the news quite a bit recently giving us more insight into ranking factors. Earlier this week he stated that the amount of Google +1’s on a piece of content has no direct impact on search rankings.

For Matt Cutts full response regarding page load speed on mobile devices, please see the video below:

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  • zubin kutar

    I would not trust Matt on the G+ statement. Social media signals are a part of ranking and for sure G+ leads the pack here.

  • Thomas Smith

    To be honest I don’t know what to think of what Matt Cutts says anymore. It seems like the more is uncovered about Google, the more he sticks his head up to defend himself. In my eyes I see this as a decoy to try and take us away from the +1 news earlier this week

  • Riza

    Some marketers are so keen on knowing other ways on how to rank on Google that they forget the most important thing- to please their users.

    Once they’ve accomplished that, which includes checking their site’s speed, they’ll get their customers’ approval. When that happens, Google will notice and rank you up.

    Shared this post on the IM social networking site,, by the way.