Matt Cutts Discusses 301 Redirect Limits on Websites

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Matt Cutts explains that Google Webmaster Help has created 375 videos (at the time) to answer questions users have asked, and they have decided to do some more tutorial/informational videos. In this video Matt answers his own question, “Is there a limit to how many 301 (permanent) redirects I can do on a site?” In an effort to give you helpful information, Matt explains how you should use 301s and how many 301s Google finds acceptable. Matt also explains one important limit you must know about.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Very useful. Thank you Melissa : )

  • Yugam

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information regarding 301. Thanks.

  • Thank you Melissa for bringing this update. I have implemented 301 redirection in few of my sites but never know the limitation it has.

  • I’ve seen one too many good sites ruin their SEO by failing to implement a 301 redirect properly. If you are moving from an old domain to a new be sure you know what you’re doing and don’t delete the old site until you are 100% positive that everything has been properly transferred to the new.

  • We did a granular redirect for a dental website and we were amazed to see the results on how soon Google was able to crawl thee new domain and all its page and give them a good ranking (not the one that was given to the old domain though) in the SERP’s.

    If you are moving to a new domain, I highly recommend you do a 1:1 redirect and it will help you a lot more than what Matt emphasizes here.

    Also try to change the URL on the top referral sites in the GA.


  • *GASP* He’s stealing SEOmoz’s video format and doing an SEO whiteboard! j/k

  • Would be more interesting to see Matt clarifying if a penalty can be transfered with 301.

  • Was looking for a useful reference video for 301 redirect,I found what i was looking for.Thanks for sharing this video.

  • Julia

    We create a lot of temporary offer pages which can be live for anything from 1 month to a year. What is best practice when deleting these so that users don’t get 404 errors? Should we just delete, set up a 301 redirect (although these are for permanent redirects) or set up a 302 redirect?


  • This is a great tip. I never new all the thing you can do with a redirect protocol. Thanks!