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How To Leverage Expertise And Authority To Boost Your International Expansion

Explore the impact of E-E-A-T framework on international sales. Discover firsthand experiences and actionable insights for building trust and authority.

Included as a part of Google’s search quality rater guidelines is “E-E-A-T,” which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are evaluated using a mix of signals – not a specific ranking factor – and help Google determine if the content is relevant and helpful enough for users that it should be prioritized in their search results.

E-E-A-T is especially relevant for topics referred to as “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL). These topics can have a significant impact on an individual’s or society’s health, finances, safety, security, knowledge, or well-being.

E-E-A-T has a fundamental importance for YMYL topics. But what happens when we want to create international strategies? What are the digital actions that we can promote that can help or hinder our international sales?

Would you buy from sites from other countries that don’t use the payment methods you’re used to, or where the content isn’t well translated or transcribed in your language?

What about sites that don’t have reviews or have almost no mentions? Sites that are, basically, not trustworthy enough? Well, you probably wouldn’t – and neither would other people.

International ecommerce is a big market filled with opportunities, not just for big brands and companies but also for medium and small-sized businesses.

I’ve experienced this first-hand with the online store I founded two years ago. There, I’ve managed to sell two of the most fun and unique traditional Catalan Christmas items to an international audience: the Tió de Nadal and the Caganer.

But how did I manage to attract users from all around the world to buy these typical Christmas products from Catalonia? How did I gain online presence and recognition in other countries?

How did a small store selling local Catalan products become one of the leading online references in Spain and other countries?

Through leveraging E-E-A-T to boost my international expansion!

So, let’s take a look at some practical actions you can implement in order to achieve these international results. In this case, we’ll focus on demonstrating your expertise and authority on an international scale.

How To Become A Worldwide Expert In The Field

As Google defines it, expertise is considered the extent to which the content creator possesses the necessary knowledge or skill for the topic.

Different topics require varying levels and types of expertise to be considered trustworthy.

And how can an international e-commerce site leverage its expertise? Let’s explore some actions.

Create And Complete The Author Pages

Does the author have experience in the topic they are writing about? Then you need to demonstrate it! Create a detailed “About the Author” page that highlights the author’s expertise in the topic.

This could include mentions from local magazines, publications, social media channels, interviews, and more, from all your potential countries!

Also, in order to help Google better understand and represent the content’s author, it is recommended to include schema markups, such as:

However, while that’s great, it’s not sufficient if you want to showcase your expertise. You need to do more to demonstrate your expertise on a global scale.

Topic Cluster Research

Topic clusters are groups of pages that demonstrate expertise and authority in a specific topic.

That’s why you must do keyword research that goes beyond what users are searching for in relation to your product or service.

topic cluster reasearch eeatScreenshot from Semrush, December 2023

In a topic cluster study, you need to analyze everything related to your topic. The research should include the entire mental framework surrounding your products or services.

You need to ask yourself: How can users who are not familiar with you find you? How can you awaken their interest and create brand awareness? Then, analyze everything related to those concepts.

serps tio de nadalScreenshot from search for [funny christmas traditions around the world], Google, December 2023
topic cluster caga tioScreenshot from Semrush, December 2023

On an international scale, it’s important to do a specific topic research for each potential language or country.

This is because the knowledge users have about your product may change significantly from one region to another.

By tailoring your content to address users’ needs, you can demonstrate that you are the most relevant website for the entire topic related to your products or services.

Create Content Focused On Your User’s Search Intent

The types of searches on an international scale can change significantly depending on the region, especially when creating content for a global audience.

It’s not just the search content that can differ; the type of search intent may also change, even for the same search term.

To demonstrate your expertise in the field, you must understand the users’ intentions to offer them the most relevant content.

By using keyword research tools and analyzing the SERPs in each country, you can determine the best content to provide based on the country.

For instance, the keyword “cagatio” in the United States, typically has an informational intent. Users want to learn more about the tradition or see what it looks like in pictures.

caga tio serps usaScreenshot from search for [caga tio], Google, December 2023
Whereas, in Catalonia, where users have local knowledge about the product, the same search intent is transactional:

caga tio serps cataloniaScreenshot from search for [tio de nadal], Google, December 2023
Through a proper analysis, you will be able to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the products you offer in each target market.

This insight will guide us in developing and creating content that is optimally tailored to the specific needs and contexts of each region.

Build Audience On Other Platforms

Building an audience on different channels and platforms is a great way to leverage your expertise to potential customers.

Does your product have a decorative use? Consider if Pinterest could be a viable channel.

Can you create engaging videos about your product? Explore the possibilities of building your brand on TikTok or YouTube.

Are users asking questions or discussing topics related to your items? Seize the opportunity to lead discussion forums on the subject and share your knowledge.

It’s important to consider different platforms and analyze the types of searches users make related to your product.

Have you taken into account all your potential channels? Did you compare and analyze the channels to determine which ones are more transactional and which are better suited for brand awareness?

Comparing “Ideas For Christmas Decorations”: Google Vs. TikTok Vs. Pinterest

tiktok keywordtool.ioScreenshot from, December 2023
pinterest keywordtoolScreenshot from, December 2023

Explore Each Region And Culture

In Spain, December brings cold weather for Christmas celebrations, while in New Zealand, Christmas is celebrated in short sleeves during the summer season.

When developing content and strategies for an international audience, it is essential to delve into the specificities of each region.

Understanding the unique cultural and seasonal aspects at different times of the year and how they relate to product searches is key to demonstrating your comprehensive knowledge of the subject worldwide.

For example, the term “Christmas sweater” sees a lot of searches in Spain during Christmas. On the other hand, in New Zealand’s Christmas season, there’s hardly any demand for this product.

google trends spainScreenshot from Google Trends, December 2023
google trends new zelandScreenshot from Google Trends, December 2023

Authoritativeness: Building Your Brand Reputation

As Google defines, authoritativeness is considered the extent to which the content creator or the website is known as a go-to source for the topic.

If you become a leading company in your respective markets, you will achieve greater brand authority.

This makes it more likely for you to receive mentions from industry magazines, websites, blogs, social media, and industry experts, as they will see you as their go-to source of information.

But how do you increase brand authority in various markets on an international scale? Let’s see some examples.

Navigational Keyword Research

Navigational keywords are used when a user searches specifically for a brand name or a website.

Doing a navigational search intent study of the main brands and products in each region is essential to identify the most authoritative sites. This will allow you to identify the competitors in each market and perform an in-depth analysis.

What strategies are being pursued by them in that country? What factors contribute to their recognition as the most authoritative sites? How well-established are they in the region? What can you do better or differently?

brand serpsScreenshot from search for [christmas trees for sale], Google, December 2023

Get Mentions From Local Influencers Or Sector Leaders

To increase awareness in your potential markets, it’s important to establish yourself as the go-to source and expert in each one.

Through keyword research, analysis of the SERPs, and competitor analysis, you can uncover new opportunities for content sharing from the most influential voices in each country.

Ask questions like: When did influencers in that country share your product or service? Do they use videos or images found through search engines? When do they typically talk about it?

Monitoring social media conversations is key. Seize the opportunity to become a trend.

google alert christmasScreenshot from author, December 2023

Get Featured On Local Relevant Websites

To establish your brand as the go-to source of information in your field, it’s essential to be seen as an authority. One way to achieve this is by creating resourceful content like guides, tutorials, and how-to articles.

This content increases the likelihood of being shared across various languages. You can also conduct studies on industry trends to further build your authority.

Being active in different markets gives you the unique advantage of accessing data that others might not have. Using this data effectively can enhance your position in your respective markets.

These efforts can significantly boost your chances of being featured in local magazines or media, as well as on government or association websites, even on Wikipedia, establishing you as the leading expert in your field.

wikipedia eeat cagatioScreenshot from Wikipedia, December 2023

Local Business Profile

Last but not least, another one of the key factors to demonstrate your authority is the definition of your local profiles, whether on Google Business Profile, social profiles, or directories.

Accurately including information in multiple listings regarding your name, address, and contact methods is key to transmitting authority and brand reputation to users in other countries who cannot verify this information in person.

Expanding Expertise And Brand Authority Internationally

If you aim to sell on an international scale, effectively communicating your brand’s expertise in relation to the product or service, as well as establishing brand authority to become the go-to source for each region, are key aspects for increasing the product’s visibility and success.

However, within the E-E-A-T framework, there are additional digital strategies you can implement in your international approaches to enhance your outcomes in experience and trust.

We’ll provide a more in-depth analysis of these strategies in our next articles.

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How To Leverage Expertise And Authority To Boost Your International Expansion

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