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Five Tips to Marketing Success on Small Business Saturday

Customers, everyone's customers are spending more of their time online and on the mobile net. Soon marketing locally wil really mean marketing worldwide.

Market segments

Ever increasingly your customers, everyone’s customers are spending more and more of their time online, and on the mobile net. As has always been the case, the job of every marketer is to reach into the places where potential customers are, in particular towards local. In a digital world where “local” means Facebook, Twitter, g+ and others, communities of potential buyers now hover around content and digital communities. Soon mobile will mirror and integrate for a new kind of marketing synergy.

Market segments

Here are some figures and facts that may help you get up to speed on the next phases of small business success. (even large business for the matter)

1. Your potential customers are spending more and more of their time online. According to Social Media Today, consumers spend 22% of their time on social networking sites, 21% searching, 20% reading content, 19% emailing, 13% viewing entertainment, and 5% shopping. Tailor your marketing campaigns for Small Business Saturday accordingly.

2. People are searching for local businesses just like yours. Build a search friendly Web presence to capture more consumers searching online. Eighty five percent search for local businesses online, yet 63% of small businesses don’t have a website and 25% don’t show up in search results.

3. Local businesses know that social media is an extremely valuable tool. Eighty six percent of small businesses consider Facebook valuable, 75% think the same about YouTube, and 60% for Twitter. Claim and publish content to your social pages to take your business to the next level.

4. People are using smartphones to make buying decisions while on the go. Create a mobile friendly presence to beat the competition to the finish line. Sixty six percent of smartphone users make purchasing decisions on mobile, 38% do so at the store, and 44% while in the aisle where the product is sold.

5. Spending on online advertising is growing. eMarketer projects $19.5 billion will be spent on search, $15 billion on display, $4.2 billion on mobile, and $4.8 billion on social. Don’t leave your marketing to chance: invest in multiple marketing tactics to collect more customers online.

Tips for marketing success

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Tamara Weintraub

As a Content Marketing Manager at ReachLocal (NASDAQ:RLOC) and writer for the ReachLocal blog, Tamara Weintraub helps local businesses reach ...

Five Tips to Marketing Success on Small Business Saturday

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