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How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page

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How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page

Hopefully by now you know that every single page of your website offers some sort of opportunity to show off your business to visitors. Even the most mundane pages that you may never think twice about—unsubscribe pages, Thank You pages, Contact Us pages, etc.—all offer opportunity if you know what to do with them.

The same can be said for About Us pages. They may seem pretty easy and pretty self-explanatory, but there are plenty of ways to get clever and create something that is not only informative but also effective in engaging readers.

7 Characteristics of a Great “About Us” Page

A big part of writing an effective About Us page is seeing different examples and taking inspiration from each. Consider some of the most popular characteristics and how they’re put to good use below.

Images and Graphics Matter

First and foremost, the importance of images is the same for an About Us page as it would be for a blog post article, product page, etc. You want to grab the attention of your readers, and images and graphics are one way to do that. You want them to be eye-catching, but you also want them to be relevant and engaging. The idea here is to show your personality while simultaneously creating a page interesting enough to keep people browsing.

Other graphics, such as infographics or gifs, can also work if used correctly, you just want to make sure you’re not overwhelming visitors. Videos work the same way. In the example below from the hotel/hostel chain Freehand, you can see they opted out of anything as fancy as a video, but they were able to use images effectively by using them as backsplash as well as creating high resolution and quality images to add color to the page:

How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page | SEJ

Tell Your Company’s Story

When people visit an About Us page they likely want to know what your company has to offer, but giving background information can help humanize your brand and make visitors feel like they really know you. Telling the story of how the company started can give readers the whole picture and create something interesting to keep them on the page. I would also recommend creating subheadings to break up “the story of how the company was born” and “what we’re all about today” so people don’t get lost in a sea of text.

This is one of the few ways to really make an About Us page engaging, so don’t miss it. Below is a great example from the Ballast Point founders. Notice how they went into the archives to find a picture that represents their story, and they have this under a “History” section, which is a part of their About Us section, where they get into some detail:

How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page | SEJ

Discuss Your Company Values

I would put this under an entirely new subheading from the points mentioned above. Your company values are a huge part of your company, so it makes sense that if people were curious they would visit the About Us page to learn more.

Keep your values clear and to the point, but write enough that people can connect with you and believe you. Below is an example from a cricket powder-inspired dog treat company EntoBento, that does an excellent job of this. As you can see, they used a design to help their mission statement stand out, they used their logo to help their values pop, and they kept it clear and concise:

How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page | SEJ

Keep it Brief

So all of the above points are about establishing a voice and personality for your About Us page. It represents your company as a whole (as opposed to one specific product you sell or service you offer), so the content is incredibly important.

However, you have to remember through it all you should keep it brief. It’s definitely difficult to find the balance between including your story and discussing your values and doing all of these great things while not being too wordy.

This is something writers struggle with often; however your About Us page is extra important because when people visit the page they don’t expect to do a ton of reading. If adding in all of the information above doesn’t make sense for your humble business, then keep it simple.

Below is a great example I stumbled upon from a local Café Shop called Ground Swell Surf Café. They managed to get in a photo, information about how they started, information about what they do, and their values all in a simple format that works for their audience:

How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page | SEJ

Include Your Social Media Widgets and Contact Information

Again, your About Us page is still a page on your website. Social media links are so easy to install on all of your pages, so it makes sense to also include them on your About Us page. This gives visitors the chance to connect if they liked what they read. Putting a quick email address at the bottom also does the same thing and helps make sure you’re transparent, so this one should be a no-brainer. If you missed it, go add it right now!

Don’t Forget to A/B Test

Just as with any new webpage, A/B testing can help ensure you’re using the page that is most appealing to your readers. Testing an About Us page is a little bit more difficult because you aren’t often trying to nudge anyone down a sales funnel, but you can still take a look at visit duration on the page, bounce rate, if anyone clicked any links on the page, watched your video, etc. You can learn more about A/B testing in an SEJ post here.

Extra: Meet the Team is a Great Supplement

Some companies put team members on an About Us page, but oftentimes companies will actually have a separate webpage for team member profiles under an About Us tab. This helps keep your About Us page more direct while still offering an option to meet the team.

Learn2Earn does a great job of this, and it works well for them because they’re a small company. Notice how they created a clever title and funny photos when you scroll over a photo (Summer as the example below). It’s interactive and clearly great for their audience of elementary teachers:

How to Make an Effective “About Us” Page | SEJ

The Takeaway

How you write the perfect “About Us” page will, of course, depend on your company and what you’re offering. If your audience is more analytical, you may want to try a clever page; and if your audience is more creative, then fancy videos and images might do the trick.

In other words, it’s up to you to determine which characteristics to include — you won’t necessarily want to employ all of the ideas above.

Of course, these aren’t the only cool ideas out there. Let me know if I should add anything to the list or share your personal experiences in the comment section below.


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