Majestic SEO Launches Live Ranking Factors In Search Explorer

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This past October, Majestic SEO launched a new search tool called Search Explorer, which is a search engine that allows you to find sites based on how influential they are for specific keywords according to Majestic’s link intelligence data.

Today, Majestic has added a new feature to Search Explorer that promises to show exactly how they rank these results on the fly.

Dixon Jones of Majestic explains in the announcement:

Now when you type a search phrase into our search engine, not only do you get search results, but you will also get an increasingly detailed view of how, and why, we ranked the results. No more guessing for SEOs.

This is significant because the level of transparency being offered by Majestic is something that has never been offered by the main search engines. However, no other “smaller player” has been able to develop the infrastructure to realistically show, calculate and visualize this data at scale.

What SEOs can gain from this data is a better understanding of what it might take to rank for specific keywords, a deeper look into what competitors are doing, and the ability to better identify link prospects for linkbuilding campaigns.

While this tool is ideal for SEOs, Majestic explains PR professionals working on reputation management campaigns will also benefit from innovative use of Majestic Search Explorer.

For more details about this new addition to Search Explorer, including specific details on how it all works, please see Majestic’s latest blog post.


Matt Southern
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  • Mike Kern

    This tool is late in coming. Most SEO is already pretty transparent. This was one reason Jill Whalen stated as her reason to resigned all together from SEO. It may be helpful for people new to marketing online, but would a subscription to Majestic be worth it?

    • Dixon Jones

      Thanks for the write up Matt.

      Mike – at just $50 a month – a subscription won’t break the bank. Then you have to ask yourself… if two SEOs are competing for a search phrase and one has the benefit of transparent search data from Majestic SEO’s live rank factors and the other doesn’t…. who do you think is going to understand the nuances of a SERPs faster?

      A LOT of SEOs ( ) think the advantage is significant.

      • Mike Kern

        I have not audited the software, but if you are comparing two SEO’s who know what their doing, they probably pay for more sophisticated software that gives them more crucial data like: link data from Any SEO worth their salt knows the important elements to good rankings. Sure $50 a month is a drop in a bucket, but i’ll bet cha you don’t just go throwing $600. 00 a year away on tools you don’t need. Like I said in my first comment, it may be a good tool for neophytes calling themselves SEO’s.

        It looks to me like there marketing department is targeting the wrong group.

  • Cyber Worx

    Majestic SEO Tool is very use full tool for the SEO point of view. it is basically used by webmaster by lookin the back link of website. Majestic is launching new tool for SEO. this is great news for the webmaster and it is very help for business and expror website easly.

  • Dixon Jones

    Hi Mike. I love Moz – but if you think that Moz’s link data is stronger than Majestic’s, then I think you are very much in the minority. They have COOL tools and an EXCELLENT community. I like their new “just found” thing as well, but Majestic’s link data is superior. I’ll try and track you down on LinkedIn and give you a chance to audit us.