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Majestic Updates Backlink Tool – You Might Need to See This

Majestic Backlink Checker SEO Tool

Majestic has totally rewritten their crawler and have created an improved backlink reporting tool. It contains many useful features powerful tools that makes link researching easier, allowing you to focus on the actual link building.

For me, Majestic was more of a site auditing tool than a link building tool. So when I was asked if I was interested in trying a demonstration version of their new tool, I was a little skeptical.

I’ll get to the point: Majestic’s new version of their backlink checker tool blew me away. It’s ability to simplify the research part of link building, to take the chore out of it, is impressive.

More than a List of Links

One problem with link tools is that they give you a list of backlinks, but they are missing information about the context of the link.

Majestic’s new backlink tool quickly shows:

  • Where on the page the link is located (footer, content, navigation)
  • Whether there is surrounding text
  • How many outbound links are on the page and how many are internal or external links

The improvements are not limited to the above. There are more features that allow you to fine tune your backlink search in so many different ways.

Majestic Crawler Rewritten

Majestic has rewritten and completely updated their crawler. The crawler now divides every web page it finds into up to 40 segments. Majestic can not only instantly show a visual representation of links on a web page, but you can also use that information to find link pages with specific link densities.

For example you can filter to find backlinks with the lowest link density and that are dofollow. This can reveal article type opportunities.

By searching for higher link densities you will be able to find “links” pages, pages that link out to useful web pages.

Majestic Context Search

Majestic’s new Context search can find links with a specific context, such as a specific word close to the link.

You can also use the Context feature to find specific kinds of link pages, like Resources pages.

Link Density Charts

Majestic is dividing each web page into 40 parts.

Majestic then displays a Link Density Chart that visualizes the link density of the web page that a link is on. It also shows you (with a green line) where on the page the backlink is.

Screenshot of Majestic's Link Density Chart

The Link Density Chart allows you to see at a glance whether a site represents a good link opportunity.

Here’s how Majestic explains the Link Density Charts:

“The width of a profile shows the Link Density in each segment, so a wider line means that the section of text is more saturated with links.”

Screenshot of Majestic's link density tool showing a link directory's link density

Fine Tune Your Link Search

Wading through a list of poor quality links in order to find a handful of link targets is a boring chore that wastes time and money.

A set of features that elevates Majestic above other link discovery tools is the ability to segment links by different qualities.

Segmenting links is one of my link discovery shortcuts. Segmenting links allows you to filter out the low quality links and quickly discover the highest quality and most relevant link prospects.

Segment by Link Density

Segmenting by link density can help you avoid finding backlinks that are hosting too many links. By searching for low density link pages you can discover article pages. These represent link opportunities related to suggesting an article.

Screenshot of link density search feature in Majestic's improved backlink research tool

If you search for high density links you can quickly identify link resources types of pages. These are the kinds of pages that are useful for suggest-a-link campaigns.

Search for Backlinks By Topic

Majestic leverages it’s in-depth topical trust flow information to enable you to search by the topic of the backlink. This is a powerful way to search for a specific kind of topical backlink and avoid wading through long lists of irrelevant links.

Screenshot of Majestic link research tool's ability to research backlinks by topic.

Segment by Source URL

This is a powerful way to indicate a quality about the URL. For example, you can search for all .edu backlinks.

Screenshot of Majestic's input for searching via URL parameters

You can input a search parameter like .edu to find all the dot edu backlinks:

Screenshot of Majestic's input for searching via URL parameters

Or you can search just for backlinks that have the word “links” in the URL:

Screenshot of Majestic link research tool context search abilities

As you can see in the above screenshot, I input the word “links” into the Source URL tab (it is superimposed over a result in the above image) and it returned backlinks with the word “links” in the URL.

Is Majestic Link Researching Tool the Best?

I received no free pass and no free access to the tool. I was only granted access to a demonstration version of the tool where I could try out the new features with one URL. My review is unbiased.

I have used Majestic in the past. Their Trust Flow metric has always been useful for diagnosing backlink problems. That’s useful site audit feature though, not so useful for link building.

The new version of Majestic significantly improves it’s usefulness for researching backlinks. It is without a doubt a better backlink research tool than before. But is it the best?

Whether something is best depends on how you approach  link building. My way of building links uses the process of segmenting the backlinks into a group of sites I want links from.

Some tools can only provide a list of links with only a minimal way to drill down to the best links according to the features that you are looking for. Majestic appears to solve that problem.

Researching backlinks should not be time consuming. Majestic’s ability to segment links makes the research part of link building so much easier. That in turn will contribute to keeping you focused on the link building rather than the link research.

This new version of Majestic is an exciting new tool that is useful for link building or as part of a site audit toolkit. I am impressed!

Read more about Majestic’s new Link Context backlink checker here.

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Majestic Updates Backlink Tool – You Might Need to See This

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