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Made for “Text Link Ads” vs. Made for AdSense

Mubin Ahmed has an interesting post with his opinion on the usage of Text Link Ads, Text Link Brokers, and similar link advertising services on niche websites, and how such services can pull in much more than AdSense does for web publishers.

Ahmed’s views on Google AdSense :

Made for Adsense is dead because if you have a site that is specifically made for adsense ads sooner than later you will get smartpriced. The reason being is that :

  • The people that click through on MFA sites are usually doing it as a act of desperation to get off of your site.
  • When they end up on the advertisers page they usually leave it without paying/buying anything.
  • This will lead to your account getting smartpriced or even worse you getting your account banned because of the inevitable “invalid clicks” email.

Ahmed says that since Text Link Ads and similar offerings have multiple benefits to their advertisers such as exposure, targeted clicks and search ranking implications, that site owners can bring in much more revenue.

Ahmed gives these 8 simple steps:

  1. Choosing Your Niche
  2. Buying Domains
  3. Hosting
  4. Sites
  5. Content
  6. Buying Links
  7. Waiting For Page Rank
  8. Selling Links $$$

Sure, it may not be that easy, but the point is that a lot of publishers depend soley on one or two monetization offerings when there are actually many out there on the table waiting to be taken advantage of (some of which are SEJ advertisers, hint hint).

Ahmed’s entire post is at Made For Adsense Sites = Dead. Made For TextLinks = IN

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Made for “Text Link Ads” vs. Made for AdSense

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