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While reviewing Google’s Rich Snippets for Local Search page, I stumbled upon the link “Tell us about your content.” This page offers a form that local content aggregators can submit to Google. Owners or managers of a business or chain of businesses should still claim and edit their listings via Google Places. Information such as photos, hours of operation, and reviews come from local business owners or content aggregators.

Partnering with Google can surely increase brand visibility by having information displayed on Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Web Search, and Google Maps for mobile and included in GOOG-411. Partners will have their information distributed via these Google outlets, which will drive traffic back to your site. In order to share this information, rich snippets identifying business information such as address, phone number, and website should be set up on your site.

The submission form requires specific information on how the data is aggregated and to whom it is available. In addition, the form asks for how often the content is updated and an overview of the content, which can be separated out by sections.

The only current example of how this data is being used is in the review section of any Google Maps listing.

Using aggregated data from around the web will allow for Google Places to offer much more valuable information. For instance, only business owners or managers that claim their business are able to list coupons and current deals.  The addition of aggregated local content will surely bring about some changes to Google Places.

Stephen Racano
Stephen Racano is a freelance SEO Consultant and also works as a strategist at Morpheus Media, a NYC based digital media agency.
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  • ..but i didnt understand the use of this particulat feature…..could some one help me to understand ?

    • Take a look at a Google Places profile and the way review data is aggregated. By using standard markup you can inform Google of things like reviews on your site. So if you have a site that aggregates menu data from local restaurants and each one has a review, this data can be included in that restaurants Google listing

  • Hey Gudipudi,

    If you head over to any Google Places listing for a restaurant you will see such data as reviews. This information does not come from their website, but however from other sites around the web. By using structured markup, you can inform Google if your site has reviews or other information about local businesses. So say you aggregate local restaurant menus on your site, and also have reviews of these restaurants, now you can inform Google that your site has this information and it can be shared on a particular restaurants local listing.

    Also, as an update to this article, Goog-411 has been turned off.

  • Same here…I didn't understand most of this article…but thanks Stephen.

  • The first link you wrote – link “Tell us about your content.” doesn't appear to work. Can you please post the actual link.

  • I find this article very interesting its well written grate job

  • nice article, keep up the good work!

  • Quite an informative post…A good way to benefit from the valuable content and make more valuable and also accessible…I must say its all Google….they are always on top…

  • Amazing post! I finally get it lol.

  • I’m loving the new Google places results integrated with the normal results. It seems to have stopped people from being able to have a quick fix of jumping the rankings by having a Google Map. Now it seems to take SEO and the Map into account and blend the results to suit.

  • The first link you wrote – link “Tell us about your content.” doesn’t appear to work. Can you please post the actual link.