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SEO & SEM Ranks 9th on LinkedIn’s Top Skills List

SEO & SEM Ranks 9th on LinkedIn’s Top Skills List

LinkedIn has revealed its annual list ranking the top skills that perhaps will help you land a job in 2017. SEO and SEM ranked ninth on LinkedIn’s list.

SEO/SEM ranked fourth on its list of hottest skills in 2015 and fifth on LinkedIn’s 2014 top skills list.

Why the drop? LinkedIn says demand for marketers is slowing.

“While marketing skills like marketing campaign management, SEO/SEM, and channel marketing were in high demand in 2015, things have changed,” according to Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn’s senior director, member marketing and communications. “This year, SEO/SEM dropped five spots from #4 to #9 and marketing campaign management dropped completely off the list. Demand for marketing skills is slowing because the supply of people with marketing skills has caught up with employers’ demand for people with marketing skills.”

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Demand for SEO & Other Marketing Skills

After examining data on its 450 million users, SEO/SEM didn’t even crack the top 10 on the U.S. version of this year’s list.

However, SEO/SEM demand was strongest in Australia, Netherlands, and Singapore (second); Germany (third); Ireland and UAE (fifth); and the UK (seventh).

Of the 14 individual countries LinkedIn looked at, social media marketing was listed as a top skill in only one country: China, where it ranked seventh. Back in 2013, social media marketing was the skill that topped LinkedIn’s list.

Marketing Campaign Management made an appearance on a few lists: Germany (fourth); Ireland and Singapore (sixth); and France (10th).

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The 10 Top Professional Skills of 2016

Although the search industry didn’t land on top of LinkedIn’s list of top skills, a spot in the top 10 is something to be proud of – because what we do is critically important in helping businesses of all sizes generate traffic and make money.

Also, it’s worth noting that last year LinkedIn looked at skill categorizations and hiring/recruiting activity for those categories between Jan. 1 and Dec. 1. This year’s list only looked at Jan. 1 to Sept. 1, a full three months shorter.

Meanwhile, other web-related skills remain very much in demand. Here’s are the 10 top skills globally, according to LinkedIn:

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing
  2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  3. Web Architectures and Development Framework
  4. Middleware and Integration Software
  5. User Interface Design
  6. Network and Information Security
  7. Mobile Development
  8. Data Presentation
  9. SEO/SEM Marketing
  10. Storage Systems and Management

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