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LinkedIn Engagement Up 76% for ‘Work From Home’ Content

LinkedIn published a report about how content engagement trends have shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Companies have been forced to adapt their content plans to focus on the rapidly changing priorities of their audiences.

Unsurprisingly, the number of posts mentioning COVID-19 are up – about 1 in 4 company posts mention coronavirus.

That trend started in early March, but engagement for COVID-19-related posts didn’t really take off until the month of April.

The percentage of LinkedIn posts mentioning working from home is up as well, with almost 15% of company posts touching on it in mid-to-late March.

Engagement for ‘work from home’ posts has been on an even greater rise, particularly in the United States.

Although not all posts are resonating with users.

Data shows it’s the tone that makes the difference as to which content drives the most engagement.

In particular, posts with a theme of support, community, and care are on the rise.

Here’s a look at what is resonating most with users right now, according to LinkedIn’s latest data.

LinkedIn Engagement for COVID-19 Content

LinkedIn makes it clear that coronavirus-related posts are getting more engagement than other posts.

That’s especially true for posts focusing on how companies are helping out.

“… people are paying more and more attention to what companies are saying and doing about coronavirus,” the report says.

In January, coronavirus-related content received below-average engagement numbers.

By April, those posts got 30% more engagement than the average post.

The coronavirus posts that got the most engagement were about companies stepping up their relief efforts.

For example, some companies have temporarily shifted toward producing necessary supplies like hand sanitizer.

Others are helping to build centers for COVID-19 patients, and some companies are helping hospitals work on ventilators.

Those are the types of posts people want to read from companies right now as it relates to coronavirus.

LinkedIn Engagement for Work From Home Content

As mentioned, LinkedIn posts about working from home are seeing an even greater rise in engagement than coronavirus-related posts.

That shift started to happen in March, with a 45% increase in engagement.

Now, in April, engagement for posts about working from home is up 76% in the United States.

That number is even higher in the Asia-Pacific region, at 165%.

Some of the most successful working from home posts showed how companies were making it possible for their employees to work remotely.

Other successful posts offered a look at employees’ improvised home offices.

People want to see that they’re not alone in this, and want to see how others are adapting to the same challenges.

Tone is Everything

Companies’ tone when publishing about these topics makes all the difference when it comes to engagement.

“Empathetic employer branding is resonating,” the report states.

More specifically, LinkedIn found these words were repeated most often in posts that received high engagement:

  • Health
  • Help
  • People
  • Employees
  • Support
  • Social distancing
  • Health authorities
  • Public health
  • Take care
  • Healthcare workers

“In short, it looks like messages that put people first perform best,” the report concludes.

“Whether it’s honoring healthcare workers, supporting local communities, or caring for employees, posts that convey empathy and togetherness are getting the most attention — and rightly so.”

For more data, see the full report here.


Should I post about COVID-19 on my LinkedIn company page?

It depends on what the post is about. Posts about companies helping out with relief efforts are resonating particularly well.

What types of LinkedIn posts are most engaging?

As of April 2020, LinkedIn posts about working from home are seeing a dramatic rise in engagement.

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LinkedIn Engagement Up 76% for ‘Work From Home’ Content

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