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LinkedIn Content Creation is Up 60% Compared to Last Year

LinkedIn users are creating significantly more content this year, according to an interview with the company’s consumer marketing director.

LinkedIn is seeing a surge in content creation and consumption, and engagement between users is up as well.

Srividya Gopani, Director of Brand and Consumer Marketing at LinkedIn, tells Social Samosa that members have been using their time during lockdown to push their professional lives forward.

“We are seeing a 55% year-over-year increase in conversations among connections globally, since March 2019. Members are increasingly reacting, commenting, resharing and replying to comments as they look to reconnect with their network and share advice and tips that can help them navigate this novel working environment together.”

Gopani goes on to state that content creation is up 60% year-over-year on LinkedIn.

Users are spending their time on the network offering guidance, looking jobs and internships, and staying connected with other professionals to help each other out.

Time spent with LinkedIn’s online learning courses is also up, Gopani says, with 4 million hours of watch time in March alone.

”As the world’s largest professional network, we are recognising that we are uniquely positioned to encourage members to build the right expertise, gain relevant skills and knowledge, and make the right connections at this time.”

Source: Social Samosa

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Key Trends on LinkedIn Right Now

For more insights on what types of content LinkedIn members are creating and consuming right now, let’s look to a report published by the company this week.

The report states:

“Now is the time for technology companies to share how they’re leading through change and guiding businesses through to recovery. On LinkedIn, we’re seeing a surge of content across various technology subjects that reflect today’s evolving world of work.”

LinkedIn specifically highlights spikes in engagement on articles mentioning the following topics:

  • Business continuity (up 144%)
  • Cloud services (up 78%)
  • Video streaming (up 71%)
  • Cybersecurity (up 66%)
  • Remote working (up 52%)
  • Virtual reality (up 50%)
  • Software (46%)

The hashtags #Marketing and #Leadership rank in the top five hashtags on LinkedIn as of April 2020.

As it relates to small-to-medium sized businesses, the following topics are generating the most engagement:

  • Start-up strategies
  • Capital raising
  • Business
  • Funding
  • Small business

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LinkedIn Flooded With Remote Work Content

Unsurprisingly, the topic of remote working is seeing the greatest surge in content creation. Articles mentioning remote working are up 391%.

There’s a clear demand for this content as well. That’s demonstrated not only by the engagement rate, but the increase in people searching for remote working.

LinkedIn is seeing over 3 times as many searches for “remote working.”

As the number of articles on remote working continues to rise, it perhaps won’t be long before engagement starts to taper off.

Unless you have something unique to say about remote working, it may be worth considering other options.

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Other Content Opportunities

According to LinkedIn’s report, it looks like the strongest content opportunity right now is in a

rticles mentioning video streaming.

The growth in creation of these articles is being outpaced by the growth in engagement.

That suggests there’s more of an opportunity for your content to stand out compared to writing about a more oversaturated topic.

For more insights such as these, see LinkedIn’s full report here.

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LinkedIn Content Creation is Up 60% Compared to Last Year

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