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Link Detox is a new tool created by the CEMPER.COM guys who also built the Link Research Tools. Christoph C. Cemper, the creator, just recently wrote about how Google can find unnatural links with technology like his own.

Link Detox promises to help you locate and remove “bad” links. Link Detox analyzes all your backlinks up to 60,000 and gathers 93 metrics that it applies automated best-practice SEO rules against. That means after processing all that data, you get recommendations about which links are toxic and should be removed ASAP, as well as which links are suspicious and need further investigation.

The tool detects all kinds of issues, like from a sharp drop in link growth for the linking site (negative link velocity) to typical link network patterns like same domain owners, similar IPs or DNS, and a lot more.

Inside the tool you can rate their results to earn more credits.

Link Detox is also collecting user feedback on:

  • Unnatural link warnings received by Google
  • Specific responses the Google team gave in reconsideration requests (yes, sometimes they pinpoint actual URLs to be spammy, instead of the canned responses most of us know)
  • Details about link networks users have been using

Link Detox uses that feedback to fine tune algorithms, just like Google does with the paid link reports they have been collecting for years. A good idea if you ask me. According to Christoph, “you would be surprised how many details the users give up.” Especially those who have been hit hard by Penguin don’t have any problems giving up hundreds of URLs they bought/spammed a link to/from.

The tool launched just on Monday, but user feedback looks very promising.

Link Detox is currently available for one dollar or a tweet here,  and if you give them helpful feedback, you can earn more credits.

Learn more about the tool below and visit Link Detox – Quickly Diagnose Bad Links for more information.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Will it also detect bad links from spammy websites and p0rn websites and the most important thing what is the benefit even if it does. I mean we cannot remove or delete a back link.

  • Dudu

    Useful tool.
    It creates a report and separate backlinks in Healthy, Suspicious and Toxic. But in my report there was a toxic link from I think it’s a false positive.

    • I got same for

  • Yes , i agree with you Kunden .
    What is the benefit of this tool,if a person done link building build Spam links then he has all those reports.and if some other guys(competitor) did this then there are lots of tool which are free and they will find out the back links .So what is the real need of this post this is just to promote your product?

  • It would have been nice if they have offered for 30 day trial to cross the functionality of the tool and how much data it can produce to cross check.

  • Yep. I agree with Danny. A trial would have been nice, I can understand the “twitter deal” for a “free detox”, but the $1 dollar sign up is a little bit annoying, not for the cost of course, but just a little bit unusual IMO. Also, it is true what Kundan says: once you know which one are your “bad links” (according to which criteria, then?), most of the time you won’t have the chance to remove them…

  • is there any free trial for this tool… this tool looks very good and helpful to check and remove the bad links.

  • Sure it is really worthy to test what i liked most is excellent reporting ,it gives detaileed report of bad links .

  • Yw

    After checking out the tool, I noticed that quite a number of links that it identified as “Toxic” are actually ok links to me.. (well it can be quite subjective but those pages that are providing the links looks quite legitimate to me..)

    Anyway, its a bit annoying that after paying 1 bucks to be able to run the report, I still need to pay additional monthly subscription just to download the csv file for my report… With the quality of the report, I am actually quite hesitant to subscribe..

    Anyone found that the quality of the report is good enough to subscribe?

  • Nick

    Ran the report and tools seems to simply look at backlink sites to:
    1) if they are indexed by Google (if not, tool says their toxic)
    2) if they have a PR value (if not tool assumes they could be a problem)

    Fairly useless if you ask me.

    • Christoph C. Cemper


      doesn’t sounds like you spend a lot of time with the tool.


  • This is great tool, although my website result is bad:
    Suspicious 82.1%
    Healthy 14.3%
    Toxic 3.6%
    I will add suspicious and toxic links to disavow tool. I will be glad to start over my link building to make my site back to healthy site, thank you.