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Link Baiting eBook : Viral Copy

Link Baiting eBook : Viral Copy

Recently I’ve become a little obsessed with link baiting (although all blog posts are essentially link bait, it’s just that some worms are fatter & juicier than others), which is the practice of creating content interesting enough, funny enough, shocking enough, or smart enough which other bloggers and publishers will link to. Link baiting has become an accepted form of link building in the search engine marketing world, as producing content which attracts interest is one of the building blocks of the Internet.

Brian Clark of has put together a guide on Link Baiting which is available for PDF download called Viral Copy. Brian lists 11 ways to build links to your site via online publicity and viral tactics, and lists multiple examples (including our Search Blog competition link baiting case study).

Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the free Viral Copy ‘eBook’

Viral Blogging.
Link Bait.

If you know what those words mean, youre likely looking to do the first, create the second, and have the third and fourth happen to something youve written. If you dont know what those words mean, relax. Theyre simply new terms for a timeless concept you likely already understand.


At their essence, these fancy digital terms are simply the new nomenclature for gaining attention. Getting press, as it was labeled in days now past, when intermediaries known collectively as the media decided who the public became aware of.
These days, you dont have to spend the money, or the years networking, to achieve media access. You dont need an expensive PR firm or a rolodex stuffed with the contact info for ink-stained reporters, grizzled TV field anchors, and your sassy local drive-time disc jockey.

Online, the publicdecides who gets publicity. What a concept, huh? Youll still need to catch the attention of some pretty influential people, though. People sitting at home in front of computers, wearing perhaps a bathrobe and slippers.

Thats not necessarily easy, though. This can be a tough crowd, too.

Continue reading by downloading Viral Copy.

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Link Baiting eBook : Viral Copy

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