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Link Baiting Contest : Win $1,000

Link Baiting Contest : Win $1,000

Speaking of link baiting, Andy Hagans of Performancing and Text Link Ads fame has announced a new SEO oriented contest on his BizNicheMedia business blog network.

Andy says that he’s too lazy and uncreative to think of good link bait ideas, so he’s decided to open up his wallet and simply pay for a link baiting idea. The BizNicheMedia Network will be hosting a link baiting competition where the person who comes up with the best link baiting idea (decided by BizNicheMedia) gets $500 wired under the radar into their PayPal account.

* The link bait should either be something we can implement on this blog, or on our entire network.

* It can be an article we should write, a tool we should make, a gimmick we should use, or anything else that has the potential to get (or our blog network) viral links… but keep in mind it needs to be something we can (and will) actually do… and we are generally pretty lazy, and do not know how to program anything.

Wait a second? $500? I thought you said $1000! What kind of el-cheapo is this Mr. Hagans?

There is a part two to the contest. If enough people like the link bait idea well enough to bookmark it on and the link to the BIG IDEA appears on the popular page, BizNicheMedia will then issue another payment of $500; making the total prize a possibility of $1,000.

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Link Baiting Contest : Win $1,000

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