Laptop Usage Can Lead to Low Sperm Count and Infertility

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Laptop Usage Can Lead to Low Sperm Count and Infertility

Laptops may be one of the most useful inventions in the world, even more useful than TiVo and Jiffy Pop. However, a quite frightening study was released yesterday that linked laptop usage to infertility in males. The study, released by the State University of New York, suggests that the heat generated from laptops can significantly elevate the temperature of one’s scrotum, potentially putting sperm count at risk. While the laptop may be making us more of a mobile technology generation and more efficient in the workplace, when it comes to bringing home the bacon and expanding the family unit – laptops may make male sperm count drop.

“An elevation in heat has been known for years to cause fertility problems…and the heat from laptops is very localized, with exposure repeated often, depending on work use,” said Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, who led the State University of New York research team. The study, which included a sample of more than two dozen men ages 21 to 35, found that while sitting with the laptop placed on one’s lap, has the ability to raise scrotum temperature by as much as 2.1 degrees Celsius. CNet reports that heat from the laptop itself can raise the temperature by another 0.7 C, bringing the potential total increase to 2.8 C. Translating that to the English system, thats about 5 degrees Fahrenheit – gadzoinks!

One question that comes to my mind is how many males actually do work on their laptops with the laptop placed above their scrotum? Personally, my laptop is usually on the floor or the desk or the coffee table, judging from the hordes of laptop users in Starbucks or other wireless Internet places, not too many of them seem to be typing away on top of the family jewels. However, I do confess that I have worked with the laptop on my lap before, which after about 3 minutes I did have to change position due to the heat.

Dr. Sheynik does plan to take a further look into the effect of laptop usage on infertility and low sperm count. “Because our study found the scrotum temperature can go up significantly, we plan to take a more in-depth look at how laptop use can directly affect sperm production and quality,” Sheynkin said. Some fertility studies have shown that an increase in scrotum temperature by 1 degree Celsius is known to reduce sperm count by as much as 40 percent.

Should laptop users stop using them? Is there going to be a huge exodus to smartphones and Tablet PCs? “Until further studies provide more information on this type of thermal exposure, teenage boys and young men may consider limiting their use of laptop computers on their laps, as long-term use may have a detrimental effect on their reproductive health,” lead researcher Yefim Sheynkin added on his website.

“Devices or pads to protect the scrotum are not a bad idea, but these would need to be investigated and tested before putting out just another gadget for people to use,” Sheynkin said. “Depending on the position people use to balance the laptop and how close their thighs are, the scrotum temperature can still go up.” There are several “on the go” portable laptop tables on the market.

Loren Baker
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  • Mike

    Wow. Gotta be careful when using those temperature converters. While 2.8 C is equal to 37 F as far as air temperature goes, you must remember that 0 C is equal to 32 F. So an increase of 2.8 C is really only 5 F, still a big increase, but not really “yikes”.

  • Loren Baker

    Thanks Mike, made the change. 5 degrees is quite an increase though.

  • Ringo Li

    If a 2.6 degree could make that much difference, I would advice men go jogging in long pants as little as possible. I would say jogging would raise the scrotum temperature more than that. What about all kind of sports activity that raise the tempoerature of the entire body! What about football player in tigh pants. I sweat all over in skiing pants.

    I do not believe “a sample of more than two dozen men” is enough for any kind of conclusion.

    100% of men breath “air” right before death! 1

  • Robert

    1 degree celsius

    • Inflatable Hot Tub

      Yes. I agree with you.

  • Philip

    I’m a medical student and though I don’t claim to be an expert, I know that the scrotum was built just so that our testicals can hang ‘out of our bodies’ when the temperature therein becomes too hot. Hence the falsity of the statement “jogging heats up the scrotum more than laptop use” (at least I don’t think it’s very true).
    Although you are right in saying that long pants etc. may also be detrimental (and I think we men do therefore need to be somewhat cautious in what we do and do not wair), please DO NOT minimalise the 2.8 degrees that the laptop produces!!! I cannot stress the fact enough that for the scrotum, it is seriously a big increase. The temperature range it needs is very narrow! Just to let you know that you should not laugh away the evidence of ‘two dozen’ men (although no, it is not a very big population to base ones facts on).

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  • john

    can this really lower your sperm count and how much would you have to use a laptop for it to be true

  • If the Laptop heat can raise the temperature by 5 F, then should a hot tub also be bad?

  • Terrance

    Ok, i have a few points to raise which question the theory of heat temp. raised around the male scrotum: 1. What about when you are sitting in a hot tub, wouldn’t that be a little hot on your balls, or what if you and a woman were making love in the hot tub, wouldn’t this increase the temperature even more? The next point is what about when you are making love in general with your partner, this question convexes me because your point makes it kind of ironic, if two people were having intercourse and the heat of the friction caused the sperm count to decrease, wouldn’t it take away the whole point of having children. Because if this is all true, then it wouldn’t be nice to go around sending those little defenseless soldiers out in decreasing numbers!! 🙂

  • olli

    I sit with a laptop on my lap everyday,my sperms fine,quite worrying though,
    p.s SUCK MY 1.2C BALLS!!

  • Jackiie

    im a girl and it seems tht having laptop on my balls really makes my sperm count decreaase.. when i was in the garden masturbating and came there was little liquid. i am worried about this…


    Jackiie x x x x xx xx x xx

  • chels

    does indoor tanning reduce sperm count for my boyfriend?

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  • Nicholas Rebers

    Hello, my name is Nicholas, I have had my Dads and Little brothers hands on my testicles for years now and my sperm count hasnt lowered.

    We did a experiment with our cats and they all got inpregnated…

    This information is false, heat does not make you lose sperm.

  • Sperms a lot

    is closing the laptop screen on ones nuts bad also?

  • Ape

    Lets go to the wilderness and smoke some pot at the park while watching the birds, and then have crazy monkey sex with a hooker and watch a lesbian porno film on my laptop without clothes on, on my balls for 2 hours and then go to sleep with your mother as she rubs my balls all nights as i go to bed. Hows that for ball warming.

  • daniel james

    good to know none of you will be having children

  • sandeep

    i better buy a coler for my scrotum

  • Joe

    Does it matter when you are 13?! I use my laptop on my lap a lot…

  • matt

    What the hell is wrong with you people? The heat from your laptop, 5 degrees or 2 degrees, CAN NOT reduce your sperm count. When your scrotum DOES get overheated, even by 1 degree, it SWEATS…just like every part of your body, cooling them down. What you people are saying would go the same way for wearing hats. If this were true, wearing a hat would “Cook” your brain, killing brain cells…which only a dumb ass would believe. You don’t see everyone with a hat on walking down the street with down syndrome, do you? Maybe you people that believe this should ZIP YOUR PANTS UP WHILE YOU LOOK AT YOUR PORN ONLINE, pedophiles, or just stop your addiction all together. I don’t know about the rest of the male population that owns laptops, but my testicles are at least a good 4 inches away from the laptop at all times…and I STRONGLY recommend you quit placing your testicles on random objects, and have a nice day =]

  • Chris C

    LOL @ Matt. I agree completely. the rest of you need to stop believeing this bullshit and think logically like the rest of us…You probably all believe that in 2012, the world will end as well…morons…

  • Klas-Göran

    It has probably not so much with the heat generated from the laptop as the microwave heat från the wireless. Few people use their laptops in their laps yet we see lower sperm quality in laptop users. Therefore it must be the radiation.

  • Inflatable Hot Tub

    Yes. I agree with you.