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Landing Pages That Convert

Landing Pages That Convert

So, you SEOed, Tweeted, Facebooked, wrote articles, did PPC, used banner ads, sent out press releases, wrote email campaigns, connected on LinkedIn, commented on Blogs, set up joint ventures. You’ve done everything possible to drive traffic to your pages, BUT you still don’t have sales (or leads or phone calls or whatever it is you wanted from that traffic). Or you’ve actually gotten traffic, but they just aren’t taking action.

There are many possible reasons, but the one you should look at first is your landing page.

In my experience, some people are so focused on driving traffic, they forget to make sure their landing page is prepared to convert that traffic.

Here is a collection of tips and tricks to create Landing Pages That Convert:

  • Split test: On my last 2 ad campaigns, look at the improvements in conversions (in this case the conversion was getting an opt-in) – this is all just from split testing and incrementally improving the landing page – everything else in the ad campaign was the same.  I used Google Website Optimizer (a free tool) and played with things like headline, colors, fonts, graphics, placement of form, opt-in button.
    • Landing page one: 45.61% conversion rate
    • Landing page two: 46.78% conversion rate
    • Landing page three:  51.47% conversion rate
    • Landing page four: 60.97% conversion rate
  • Keep It Simple: You have about 3 seconds or less to capture people’s attention. Keep the page clutter-free, and make sure the benefit headline instantly grabs them.  Don’t over share your knowledge – share enough to compel them to take the action you want. Especially if it’s capturing a lead – once you’ve got them, you’ll have time to share your expertise and build your credibility. For now, you just need to keep it laser-focused on what you need to share to get them to take action RIGHT NOW.
  • Know Your Audience: Use images and text that they can relate to and that talk to their pain. Offer them solutions they can see themselves really using. Are you targeting men, women, college kids? Are you targeting people with money for a high end product or people with lower income? You need to know your prospect inside out and your page needs to appeal to them. They need to see themselves in the problem/pain that you outlined, and they need to be able to imagine the solution you are proposing is something they can use and afford.
  • Formatting: Make sure you use bolding, different font colors and sizes, italics, lists and white space as well as strategically placed graphics to catch the eye, BUT don’t overwhelm. Draw the eye to one focal point – which is where your strongest call to action should be. I know you want them to see your testimonial, your list of benefits, your offering and your call to action, but if you draw their eye everywhere at once, they’re likely to be overwhelmed and just leave. Have one strong focal point, draw the eye there and keep it simple.
  • Forget what you like and what you think: Only results matter. You don’t have to like the page or relate to the page yourself. It just has to work. This one is tough and it’s the biggest way business owners stand in their own way.
  • Match your message: Your ad, creative, article or tweet should flow into your landing page. The message, the style, the solution, the targeting – it should all flow.  Don’t “leak relevance” in the process. If you got them to click on an ad based on a specific problem and offered solution, take it a step further on the ad. Don’t switch tactics and throw a whole new message in there.
  • Space Usage: Use the area “above the fold” wisely. It’s your most valuable real estate. Use design to enhance the page, but make sure it’s your copy that stands out and has the most impact.
  • Benefits sell: Focus on benefits, not features, in your copy. Don’t know the difference? Here’s a quick example: You’re selling a vacuum and highlighting the fact that it has an attachment to easily get into the corners. The attachment is the feature. Break it down – how do they benefit from that feature? It’s quicker and easier to get the floor cleaner – so they’ll save time and aggravation and they’ll have a cleaner floor. That’s much more powerful. Paint a picture with the benefits. “OK ladies, no more getting down on your hands and knees, hair flopping in front of your eyes, sweat dripping down your forehead, back aching, as you try to wedge your vacuum into that corner – where all the dirt naturally gravitates too. Instead, with a quick flick of the wrist just point the handy new corner attachment in the corner and suck that grime up – keep your hair, back and knees intact and pain free!” Much more powerful than saying “Great attachment for cleaning corners”.
  • Don’t play hard to get: Give your visitors exactly what they are looking for. They landed on the page because your ad, tweet, article, or SEO listing interested them.  Make it obvious and easy for them to get what they need. Make the call to action visible, the navigation simple, and the content relevant.
  • Establish trust: Use testimonials; make contact info prominent, display credibility inducing logos/certifications etc. Have a privacy policy, prominently share any guarantees, state how long you’ve been in business, list awards and accolades. Review what credibility boosting material you have and strategically use it on the page.
  • Font and color: When you are split testing, don’t ignore the font and the colors. They make a big difference in results. Use opposing colors on the color wheel to create contrast and highlight certain areas of the page.
  • Yes!: Ask questions that get your prospects thinking YES.  Examples: Do You Want Top Rankings? Are You Ready For An Explosion Of Traffic? Do You Want To Convert More Visitors? Can You Handle More Sales? Are You Ready To Ramp Things Up? Strategically place these questions on your landing page copy.

Read a past article I wrote on headlines, which are crucial for your landing page success:

Stay tuned for a future article where I will share successful (and not so successful) landing pages and tell you why they are good (or bad as the case may be).

There is no way one article can cover it all, but I’ve shared a collection of tips that are a good place for you to start!  Share any tips you have below in the comments.

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Landing Pages That Convert

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