Lack of Quality & Trust Leads to Google Deindexing

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Google seems to be taking steps to assure that ‘Made for AdSense’ sites which are unfocused, decentralized and give no real value to the searcher; are not listed in Google results (again, I said taking steps).

Aaron at SEO Buzz Box points to a conversation a web publisher had in Google Groups with Google’s Adam Lasnik about their site being ‘de-indexed’ or penalized by Google.

The owner of a site,, was looking for an explanation of their de-indexing in Google Groups, thinking it was a technical problem, when Adam laid down the law, showing that the problem was lack of quality, focus and trust.

If you, as an independent observer, came across such a store online, would you trust it anymore? If not, why should Google see this as an important and relevant site?

The reductions in rankings you’ve experienced are not going to be reversed by simple technical or structural changes. You may wish to focus your efforts, add compelling, original, and substantive content or tools, and *then* file a reconsideration request.

It’s an old rule in SEO to build websites geared towards the consumer, or end user, and not specifically for search rankings. It’s good to see that Google is still sticking to its guns. Let’s see if this transpires to the junk sites and search results across the board and not just for high dollar search terms.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Loren,, I have to say ..

    It’s an old rule in SEO to build websites geared towards the consumer, or end user,

    that’s what he did 😉 he was selling adsense 🙂


  • Who cares if it’s a “Made for AdSense” website or not?

    Google has supplied advertisers with all the tools they need to see where their ads are displayed and if those ads are converting or not. If the advertisers don’t like the placements, they can & will cancel them.

    It stands to reason… The ads displayed on the site must convert because the advertiser has not blocked them. If the article has enough information to make the consumer want to learn more & click on my ad and then buy something from me… Where is the harm?

    If the publisher stops making money, they will likely improve the site or it will eventually slip down the results as better quality articles begin to receive the attention they deserve.