Keyword typo suggestion tools and generators may find a much wider sphere of usage than they are traditionally supposed to:

Now, free keyword typo generators and tools can be grouped in four categories:


1. Tools that generate typos based on common grammatical and typographical misspellings (and have nothing to do with actual people’s search behavior; you can run the generated lists through your favorite traffic or popularity estimators to see how often the misspelled variants are used):


2. Keyword typo tools that list misspellings based on actual people’s search behavior, e.g. MSN keyword mutation tool that:

…displays common misspellings or alternative spellings of the user’s input keywords that are frequently found in search query logs.

3. Typo suggestion tools based on user-generated websites – tools that show which misspellings were used by users of popular sites, e.g. TypoBuddy shows eBay misspellings (well, the results generated seem to usually contain real products rather than typos but this can still be used to see what your potential customer might find if he misspells your product name). Here are some results for misspelled “Ipod”:

4. Internal search analyzers: tools that track your site visitors’ search behavior, e.g. Search meter for WordPress: