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3 Domain Typo Generators

Last week Rand posted a brilliant linkbuilding tip that involved taking SEO advantage of mistyped/ misspelled domains. Putting aside black / white hat discussion, I am giving the list of domain typo generators for your advantage:

1. DomainTools Domain Typo Generator offers a variety of options:

  • TLD view” shows the list of domain typos and a top level domain map with registration status (available, available (previously registered), registered (active website), registered (parked or redirected), registered (no website), on-hold (generic), on-hold (redemption period), on-hold (pending delete):
  • Domain Typo generator: TLD view

  • DNS view” shows the list of misspellings and each domain hosting and IP information:
  • Domain Typo generator: DNS view

  • Registrant view” lists domain typos and registrant info:
  • Domain Typo generator: registrant view

The tool also offers a handy export option.

2. SelfSEO Domain Typo Generator sorts the misspelled domains based on the typo type:

  • Wrong key typos;
  • Missed characters typos;
  • Transposed characters typos;
  • Double characters typos.

Domain Typo generator: SelfSEO

3. SEOChat Domain Typo Generator is the simplest one – it gives the list of domain typos for you to copy and paste:

Domain Typo generator: SEOchat

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3 Domain Typo Generators

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