Kanoodle and Click Fraud

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Kanoodle and Click Fraud

Click fraud is a virus which has spread for years in the online advertising industry. As advertising payment systems grew from per click to CPM or commissions, click fraud seemed to be on the low for a couple of years. Enter paid search network distribution and contextual advertising and the net world was introduced to a new form of click fraud from numerous sources.

Yahoo and Google both claim they are stopping click fraud in its path with technical security measures and prosecution. But when a search marketing company takes its campaigns beyond Yahoo, Google, MSN and Ask to companies like Lycos, Findwhat, Looksmart, Searchfeed and MyGeek; it is only natural for such marketers to worry about fraudulent clicks. Hence the formation of Click Fraud monitoring services like Who’s Clicking Who and Keyword Max.

Enter Kanoodle. I spoke with John Cunningham of Hamptons Bride Magazine earlier this year about a piece he printed on Kanoodle and click fraud. I would have probably not even paid much attention to the piece had I not extended a proven search marketing campaign to Kanoodle for one week, and experienced not-so-pleasent results. Below is a shocking first-hand tale of one companies experience with Kanoodle and click fraud.

Are we saying that Kanoodle is suspect of committing click fraud? I’m not the technical authority to answer such a question and will let the readers of this piece decide for yourselves. The following is John Cunningham’s story of his experience with Kanoodle and computer generated clicks.

Over the last few months we have been using multiple avenues of internet marketing including Overture and Adwords. Our positive results with the two companies made me search for other PPC programs. I stumbled across an ad on GoDaddy.com for Kanoodle.com and seen the cpc was less than the two major search engines and decided to give it a try.

I was extremely impressed my first day up seeing the amount of traffic I was getting by logging into my account and with the lower cost was getting more traffic than from Google and Yahoo’s programs. We are very meticulous when it comes to tracking our readers and use this information daily to make sure we are not only giving our readers what they want but also giving our Advertisers the results that they need.

After reviewing our stats we noticed a HUGE problem with the clicks coming from the Kanoodle network. 100% of all traffic coming from them stayed for a whole ZERO seconds. Our readers stay over the last few months has averaged around 2.5 minutes and up to 4 to 6 hours. At first I thought maybe it was because we were new to the network and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but as days passed the results were the same; not a single click from Kanoodle ever had a visit length over Zero seconds. How is this possible?

You would think that they would get lucky at least once and have one click through stay at least 2 seconds to read our splash page before they exited. It is our conclusion that Kanoodle is completely computer generated clicks, not human generated. I am writing this hoping others will read and not be Kanoodled as I was. As an online business I understand the importance of generating traffic to our website and find it very discouraging that such blatant deceit would come from what I thought was a legitimate company. I will be posting our stat results for you to view and you can come to your own conclusions.

Here are the results generated from Statcounter.com. I have highlighted the clicks coming from Kanoodle and underlined the ones from google and yahoo. You will also see 90% of the traffic generated from kanoodle happens from 12am to 2am. We do not get any traffic from them during the day. Be sure to read the last two pages so you can see what our normal traffic looks like…

Read John’s further experience with Kanoodle in “Kanoodle Follow Up

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
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  • Glenn Chumley

    I started using Kanoodle several about 6 weeks ago. I am a regularly PPC advertiser with Google and am ranked in the top 6 for most keywords in my industry.

    Kanoodle started to generate twice my Google traffic in no time for only 5 Cents a click. I was amazed. My Webalizer showed the extra 200 plus hits coming to my site. However, I saw no conversions.

    I then decided to use a “live chat” software so I could see in real time the actual traffic coming to my site. The software will also show me in real time the keyword string and what Search Engine is generating it.

    This is when I saw with my own eyes the scam Kanoodle is running.

    They started in the first week allowing about 75 hits a day to come to my site. At 5 cents each, this is a bargain. After 2 weeks without telling them anything is fishy with their traffic, they upped the volume to 200. This is only $10 a day, no big deal. They then suggested Contextual Ads at $.30 a click on average. This is where the scam really takes hold.

    They started to jam me with 50 -60 contextual clicks a day, where with Google, my contextual traffic is only 10 clicks a day and I am in the top 5.

    Furthermore, their keywords that generated 30-40 clicks a day, on Google, the same words were generating me 1 or 2 clicks.

    I finally saw with my live chat software how there hits come to my site and don’t move from page to page. In fact, they don’t even click off. They stay for 20 minutes and leave. I know for fact that many of my hits are for 2 minutes or less. Many are longer, but I can co-browse with the live chat software and see where they are.

    After reading your article about computer generated hits, I agree this is what they do.

    I brought this to their attention and now they are avoiding me like the plaque.

    Glenn Chumley

  • princess the ruler

    same thing for me – i posted the kanoodleisfraud.com website after my experience, i too was amazed at first at how much traffic was being generated at almost half of what it cost me to market on adsense but then after i hired am auditing company to review and analyze my site i found out the exact same thing, I’m looking now to see if they have been brought up in class action

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  • Mark

    I have just finished a trial with them and stopped it after 2 days. There is definite click fraud going on there. I started a campaign at a $0.20 cpc across the board (relatively low for us) and the campaign started spending $100 a day (ask only spends $200 and has way more market share). Don’t use these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kannodle Scammed Advertiser

    Inderd they scam everyone, someone should get them to court!

    I spent a “humble” 100 $, I even heard about people loosing 5.000 $+ on their scamgame.

  • tom

    I can only say that Cunningham and Chumley are illiterate morons. I could spell better than that in the first grade.

  • GloJean

    This is my first time hearing about Kanoodle, but I tried Ipromote where you create your own add by using the homepage of your website. For trial purposes I set my account usage at $60 over a two week period. I got tons of hits, but no one stayed past 5secs and of course there were no look see if I want, or nothing like that. Of course I have the ability to track visits to my site and realized that these clicks were being computer generated or they were paying someone from different locations to simply click on my site for a click count. I was relieved that more money had not been spent for this fake advertisement.