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Joshua Schachter Deliciously Joins Google After Leaving Yahoo

Google has added a new tool to its arsenal of search and social media, which actually could lead to the company becoming a contender in social sharing of information and revamping its bookmarking technology, as Joshua Schachter has joined Google after leaving Yahoo last summer (news leaked via Twitter).

Yahoo had acquired (now back in 2005 along with the social media acquisitions of Flickr and the launch of Yahoo Answers to bring a social feel to Yahoo and help Yahoo Search identify new sites via human bookmarking and external metadata. After a couple of years and integration into the Yahoo system, Delicious hit over 2 million active members and added more social voting aspects to keep it competitive with such other social communities as Digg or Reddit.

The ability to have humans find, catalog and describe new websites and also vote on those sites or quantify the quality of those sites via group bookmarking and tagging is needed in the world of search and spam fighting, and Joshua will probably find more comfort and creativity working at Google than he possibly experienced after the Yahoo acquisition of his creation.

Yahoo has Delicious and its userbase. Google has the brains behind Delicious who has probably spent the past year or so developing or thinking out a new and innovative form of social bookmarking for superior than his original creation. I can’t wait to see what that new Google tool will be 🙂

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Joshua Schachter Deliciously Joins Google After Leaving Yahoo

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