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Delicious is currently testing a new redesign and Yahoo has invited Search Engine Journal to test and cover the new features at Delicious (available via limited invitations at

Delicious Preview 1

One of the first major changes at Delicious is the dropping of the dots from its name, which used to be 🙂

What happened to the dots? Delicious explains:

It’s still the same old at heart, but the dots were confusing and difficult to remember, especially for new users, so we seized the chance to finally switch over to If you’re feeling nostalgic, still works.

A better explanation is that as Yahoo rolls out more and more changes to Delicious, the dropping of the dots will make the marketing of the social bookmarking site much more easier… especially as Yahoo further integrates Delicious into the Yahoo Network.

But dropping the dots is not all. Delicious has also made the following changes and additions:


Delicious Preview 2

We’ve organized the site into three main sections: Bookmarks, People and Tags. When you are logged in, these menus give you quick access to your Bookmarks, Network and Tags pages. The My Tags page is a new way to see all your tags in a expanded tag cloud.


Delicious Preview 3

Our new Search allows you to not only search your own bookmarks, but virtually any context in Delicious. For example, you can now search a bundle, a tag, your Network, or another person’s bookmarks from our handy search box in the header.


Delicious Preview 4

Use our new Tag Bar to quickly navigate your bookmarks by using tags and tag combinations. Viewing a tag has never been easier with tag autocomplete. Using the latest in 21st century technology, we’ve also added the ability to sort your current view in a variety of useful ways!


Delicious Sidebars

You can quickly see what a person’s bookmark collection is all about by looking at the top ten tags in their sidebar.

Delicious Sidebars 2

From the sidebar, you can now refine your view to show all bookmarks in a specific bundle. You can now bundle your network and subscriptions too!

Delicious Action Box

Confused about who ‘stlhood’ is? Give any user in your Network a private nickname.

Action Box

Delicious Preview 8

Act now! The action box provides you with a list of commonly used actions for the current page. For example, from your Bookmark page you can save a new bookmark, edit your public profile, start the bulk editor, or change your viewing options for your tags. Our long asked for bulk editor allows you to apply changes to a group of bookmarks all at once.

These are the basics but since this preview just came out I wanted to share the information with our readers. We should have more on the new Delicious as we test it out.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • AgentSully

    Nice review!

  • Wayne Smallman

    They can keep all of their changes & updates so long as they revise their insane space-delimited tagging.

    Why they chose this, I just cannot even begin to imagine…

  • John Carcutt

    Thanks for the head-sup Loren.

    Wayne> Notice the screen shots above include the tag “Web Design”. It’s the only one, but its a glimmer of hope.

  • Wayne Smallman

    Hi John, I saw that too. But it looks to be the name of a tag Bundle.

    The search for tag sanity continues…

  • John Carcutt

    Good catch Wayne …

    So maybe we’ll get lucky and they will develop “personalized” tagging. So when I tag something Jaguar it knows I mean the car a apposed to the cat. Then how confusing could it be …

  • Dan

    Will they update their widgets too?

  • Adam Snider

    Ooooh! It looks pretty. Hopefully, they’ll open it up to all users soon (or, ever better, I’ll manage to snag myself an invite in a day or two).

  • Joe Clark

    Are you trying to tell us that Delicious now, for the first time ever, has actual graphic design?

  • curly

    Thanks for good review! Looks much better now. good they did away with gimmicky dots. Hopefully they don’t phase out old domain, as many widgets would need updating…

  • Rob Roy

    Re previous comment….

    Should say rebuilt using Symfony.

  • skube

    I am relatively new to and I find it rather confusing. I’m wondering if the new design will make nested bundle management easier. So far I’ve only had unexpected results. It seems like such a basic requirement to be able to group/categorize and sub-categorize.

    Thank goodness the dots are going!

  • Jarrod


    I disagree with you on the space delimiters. By restricting tags to single words, it creates a useful sense of uniformity and predictability.

    For example, I can go to and get very predictable results. This would be more difficult if tags could be words, groups of words, phrases, etc. Imposing simple restrictions limits the amount of possible “tag synonyms” for a given concept.

    Tagging works really well when there is a shared vocabulary. Introducing multi-word tag possibilities increases the number of tags you have add to a given bookmark in order to properly file in away. (Example: instead of just tagging something “museum museums” you would need to tag it “museum, museums, museum of art, art museum, museumofart, artmuseum” to accommodate the various subtle (but completely accurate) combinations.

    I can think of plenty of sites that have embraced the comma-delimited tagging scheme and have pretty sloppy tagging as a result.