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Jason Calacanis and Weblogs Inc’s $1 Million Google AdSense Goal

Jason Calacanis and Weblogs Inc’s $1 Million Google AdSense Goal

Jason Calacanis believes that Weblogs Inc. can bring in $1 million in Google AdSense revenue over the course of one year. His claim to build such an income on blogs from Google AdSense ads got some people in the industry talking and Jen from JenSense asking. The JenSense interview with Jason Calacanis brings some nice insight into the happenings at Weblogs Inc and their daily goal of $2,335 (which would make $1 million after 365 days). With over 100 bloggers working for Weblogs Inc and over 1,000 blog entries a week, that number sounds like it would not be too hard to hit and I’m sure Jason’s ambition is quite an inspiration to many bloggers, including myself. Below is a snippet of the interview:

What is the best piece of advice you have for a publisher brand new to AdSense? What would you have done differently when you started with AdSense, knowing what you do now.

I would have run four ads per page, taken off the borders, and made the links the same color as the links on the blog. I would have also made channels for each position and blog so I could track things better.

How many times do you login to AdSense a day? Are you a stats junkie who checks every ten minutes? Or do you check only once or twice a day?

I have about 50 saved Adsense reports in a folder on my Opera browser. Every day I click on it and autoload the 50 pages. I then scan and look for trends. Sometimes I find a CTR spike or an eCPM of note. However, it’s pretty steady at this point.

The best thing you can do to make more money is produce world-class content. That’s what I spend my time on: finding people who can make world-class content… and pay them!

JenSense interview with Jason Calacanis

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Jason Calacanis and Weblogs Inc’s $1 Million Google AdSense Goal

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