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Is Google Talk Instant Messaging Video Related?

Is Google Talk Instant Messaging Video Related?

The boys at Google plan to launch a web communications tool on Wednesday which is going to be big news. Google executives and leaks have hinted that the company will be releasing a messaging and/or VOIP tool from Google – Google Talk. Google has secured the subdomain is live and redirects users to (currently serving a 404 message) and Google is currently running a Jabber messaging software server (which may just be part of the Google Summer of Code program).

But why the build up to Wednesday? The 24th of August is the 114th anniversary of the moving picture. Could this be the reason? August 24th, 1891 : Thomas Edison patents the motion picture camera. Given Google’s past of commemorating little-known days in science history, I’m wondering if there might be a little something to this date, Thomas Edison, the moving picture, and Google IM / VOIP – AND Google Video.

Could Google be adding video capabilities to its Google Talk Messenger that would make the software worth downloading and using? My big premonition is that Broadband using Americans are going to wake up on Wednesday with a free Google web cam at their doorsteps with a quick install of the Google Talk software – with built in highspeed video chat.

Of course, Jabber is centered XML based programming, which will open the door for AdSense and other Google feeds – but Google needs to give users a unique or semi-unique offering to get them using the software and to calm their nerves about advertising targeted to messaging or chat conversations, their location, web behavior and so on. Easy video chat capabilities could be that answer.

Your thoughts on Google’s upcoming announcement? Please leave them below in the comment box!

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Is Google Talk Instant Messaging Video Related?

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