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Interesting Google Statistics from 2010

One of the great things about modern business is that it’s always learning and growing. The great examples of this are found in the tech giants, who exploit the knowledge they find in highly visible ways. Every now and then, these tech giants even share some of their insights with us. If you’re one of the sorts of people who really goes for those little crumbs of “free data,” then you’ll love the new video Google just released, talking about what it learned in 2010 as far as online shopping trends are concerned.

What’s the source of all this data? We’re not just talking about a “run of the mill survey” here, but the compilation of data from upward of 60 different research studies, both from Google and its various research partners (OTX, Compete, etc.). The data spans the entire year and a huge pile of user-reported or analytically tracked data. Here are some of the highlight statistics from the video:

  • For 89% of holiday shoppers, the first place to go is online.
  • Mobile searches, including mobile PC and smartphone users, are increasing — and the average mobile searcher does 14 searches during their holiday comparison-shopping efforts.
  • 60% of mothers search the web for special offers, coupons, or other discounts before they go shopping (no information on how this correlates to male shoppers).
  • Google is the number one dating site referral source, and nearly two-thirds of those referrals actually turn into leads.
  • 70% of those self-reported as “media fans” (whether it’s video, image, or some other media format) visit a site on the Google Display Network (you probably know this as the “content network”) each day.
  • 75% of all patients research their symptoms before they go talk to a doctor about them.

For full facts and figures, check out the video — but be wary, because those number fly in and out fast.

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Interesting Google Statistics from 2010

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