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Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram

Considering marketing your business on Instagram? Check out this infographic and learn why it's a viable marketing channel with endless possibilities.

Instagram is growing at an extremely fast pace, recently surpassing 500 million monthly users, who are collectively responsible for more than 95 million posts, both image and video, daily.

It presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of varying sizes and across multiple industries, yet many still aren’t active on the social network. There are organic opportunities as well as paid, through the self-serve platform, which features Facebook’s targeting options. Instagram ads can be created in three formats, which are video, photo or carousel.

Visual content, both video and images, presents an advantage over text-based ads, due to 40% of consumers responding better to visual information compared to plain text.

If you are considering incorporating Instagram into your social media marketing, check out the infographic below from Buzzoid, highlighting the reasons why Instagram can be a potential home run for your business.

Instagram Marketing- It's Time Your Business Takes Action (Infographic)
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Jonathan Long Founder & CEO at Market Domination Media

Jonathan Long is the founder of Market Domination Media®, a performance-based online marketing agency, blerrp™, an influencer marketing agency and ...

Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram

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