Why Visual Content Marketing Delivers Results [Infographic]

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Consumers respond better to visual marketing, and this is one reason infographics became an instant home run when they burst onto the scene several years ago.

While they continue to be a very effective form of online marketing, everyone and their brother were churning out infographics a couple of years ago. It now requires a hot topic, interesting stats, and an eye appealing design to achieve the outstanding results they once produced.

This infographic was created to highlight some of the reasons why visual marketing works so well. Isn’t the goal to have your audience actually absorb your message, rather than just skimming through paragraphs of text and only retaining a small percentage of the information?

Infographics draw attention, generate a ton of social love, attract links, and push traffic to your website. Sounds like a winning result, right?

With that being said, less text and more visual…

Visual Content Marketing Infographic

Infographic by Market Domination Media

Jonathan Long
Jonathan Long is the Founder & CEO of Market Domination Media®, an SEO and online marketing consulting firm. Market Domination Media® also offers SEO coaching... Read Full Bio
Jonathan Long
Jonathan Long
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  • Greats tip,Jonathan
    Do you think people should post infographic on Pinterest?

  • Great Infographic. Have you found many non-profits using Infographics as a strategy in promoting campaigns?

  • Great post Jonathan! You are right! Visual marketing really works nowadays because we now belong to visual generation where books are no longer our source of knowledge.

  • Mary Jane Kinkade

    Awesome infographic! You’ve inspired me to give it a try!

  • Infographic was a great medium to attract consumers. Online marketing has gain new hikes after of using much infograoghic techniques. Since all we know that any thing which is in text and other is visual then its good to understand through visual rather than text. Infograph should be informative and clear so that it will be easily understandable and effective. Here its a nice infograph about the topic. Thanks Jonathan for sharing such a useful information.

  • Having images on a blog is extremely important because without them, posts would be painfully dull. When people use Google, 37% of are more likely to click on a link having images so definitely use it as a SEO tactic. Give your search rankings a little boost by creating ALT Tags for your images.

    To elaborate a little bit on this, all you have to do is give your photo a proper name that describes what it is in a few words. If you have a photo of a car, instead of IMG382.jpg, try RedPorsheConvertible.jpg. Changing the ALT TEXT of the image to give it further relevance when people are searching. Back to the car example, have the ALT TEXT be: Porshe convertibles, [model of the] Porshe, Sports Cars, etc, whatever you deem appropriate. Adding specific locations in the ALT TEXT will also be helpful if you want to improve local SEO (example: Porshe convertibles in San Diego). These key words will help put you higher in the rankings when people search.

  • Stats clearly shows inclination of users towards Infographics. Business houses need to realize that a promotion or a campaign will be a success when Content and Marketing strategies intersect.

  • Emerson

    nicely done infographic! one way on looking on facts and data without straining your eyes. Thanks for sharing!