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Instagram’s Branded Content Restrictions & This Week’s News [PODCAST]

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, we’re talking about changes to Instagram’s branded content policy, celebrity cameos in the Google Knowledge Panel, and the expansion of speakable markup.

Plus, Instagram needs 45 fact-checkers to tell them there’s no such thing as road sharks and we try to guess the punchline for a Pandora Ad for DiGiorno Pizza.

Join Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld as they deliver all the digital marketing news you missed this week.

Instagram’s new rules for branded content 

Shep tells you which products are banned from influencer brand partnerships on the platform and apparently we’re calling influencers “creators” now?

Knowledge Panel Cameos

Jess tells you why celebrities are invading Google search results pages. Greg’s mom’s favorite SEO is making an appearance, but we’re still waiting for a call from Google before we make our celebrity contribution.

Speakable Markup Expanding Beyond News

Danny Sullivan announced via Twitter that the schema will be expanding to other content. And we have a great idea for how recipe blogs can use this feature to tell us anything but a recipe.

In our take of the week segment, we’re discussing a fiery article from Anil Dash who says Instagram is slowly killing the web.

Then we’ll answer these digital marketing questions:

  • Who is upset over YouTube’s new policies?
  • What is causing marketers to waste money on fraudulent streaming video ads?
  • When do businesses need to start monitoring their Q&A section on Google My Business (spoiler alert: yesterday)?
  • Where can you find Twitter’s political candidate labels?
  • Why do you need to prepare your site for Microsoft Advertising’s updated user agreement?
  • How does Facebook plan to use your Occulus VR data?

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Featured Image: Cypress North

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Christine Zirnheld Digital Marketer at Cypress North

Christine “Shep” Zirnheld is a digital marketer at Cypress North & cohost of Marketing O’Clock on the Search Engine Journal ...

Instagram’s Branded Content Restrictions & This Week’s News [PODCAST]

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