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InfoSpace Gets a Local Facelift

Infospace Gets a Local Facelift

InfoSpace, the parent company of Switchboard and Dogpile and mobile search & content company, has undergone a transformation across its network which freshens up its look a bit, especially with its local search engine. Having secured its share of the mobile content and ringtones market, it looks like InfoSpace is taking the time to reinvigorate its foundation in web search.

Here is some recent news and happenings from the company:

Consumers continue to demand greater options for mobile entertainment, information and personalization. With improvements in network speeds and handset capabilities, they are enjoying the ever greater possibilities of their mobile devices. InfoSpace has seized this opportunity and become a leader in this rapidly growing industry through a number of key advancements, including:

* Broad and deep content. InfoSpace has become the leading provider of mobile content in North America, delivering more than 150 million mobile content downloads to over 600 device types in 2005.

* Recent partnerships with major media companies such as American Idol, MySpace and Fuse TV have contributed to InfoSpace’s extensive collection of ringtones, graphics and games, helping make it one of the world’s largest mobile content libraries.

* Extensive carrier distribution. The company’s products and services have extensive reach in North America and Europe through partnerships with top carriers such as Cingular Wireless, Orange, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.

* Innovative mobile technologies. In recent months InfoSpace has announced technologies that are proving transformative in the development of new mobile search products.

* InfoSpace Find It! is the first all-in-one GPS/LBS based mobile local search product that helps consumers find what they need when on the go. It is available today on more than 20 Sprint and Nextel phones, to more than 30 million subscribers

* Cingular’s MEdia Net 3.0, which is built on InfoSpace’s mobile portal platform, includes an integrated search tool to give consumers access to games, ringtones and content all in one place.

* Expanded leadership team. As it has extended its reach into the mobile market, InfoSpace has further strengthened its mobile and content leadership team in recent months, adding several new executives, including Stephen Davis, president of mobile and online media. Mr. Davis manages InfoSpace’s mobile entertainment business worldwide.

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InfoSpace Gets a Local Facelift

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