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Infosearch Media (ArticleInsider) Battles Click Fraud

Infosearch Media (ArticleInsider) Battles Click Fraud

InfoSearch Media today announced it has integrated two new click fraud-prevention offerings which are dubbed Dynamic Traffic Distribution, a traffic delivery system, and Dynamic Monitoring, a real-time fraud-detection tool.

According to the InfoSearch Media release, Dynamic Traffic Distribution displays anonymous text ads across InfoSearch Media’s content network in an indiscernible pattern, making it highly resistant to automated clicking schemes. Dynamic Monitoring works to ensure that even the craftiest methods for spidering and click fraud are negated through early detection.

While it is difficult to track, research indicates that click fraud is a significant and growing concern for online advertisers. A December 2004 study from SEMPO, a non-profit association that works to increase awareness and promote the value of search engine marketing, found that between 36 percent and 58 percent of advertisers are concerned about click fraud.

“Our Dynamic Distribution System and Dynamic Monitoring help to provide maximized results for everyone,” said Jon Liu, Director of Client Services at InfoSearch Media. “Readers benefit from informative content that emphasizes the user, while advertisers receive heightened exposure, and reduced click fraud lowers their costs. With click fraud a cause of increasing concern to online advertisers and marketers alike, we are constantly working to uncover strategies that allow us to better safeguard our clients as well as our business model.”

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Infosearch Media (ArticleInsider) Battles Click Fraud

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