How to Increase Your Social Profile Without Paying for Ads

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How to Increase Your Social Profile Without Paying for Ads

Facebook has become a competitive advertising juggernaut.

There’s no denying its potential for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs across the globe. Unfortunately, this level of competition has created a noisy atmosphere for the world’s largest social media network.

Companies in all industries have seen a dramatic fall in their organic reach on Facebook, causing many to turn to paid advertising in order to get in front of their fans without worrying about organic reach.

But many smaller businesses don’t have the budget to pay to play.

If you’re in this position, there are several things you can do to increase your Facebook Page reach without paying for ads. If you don’t have an advertising budget, learning these tactics may be your only option for achieving Facebook success.

Invest in Remarkable Content

Without a paid advertising budget, you’ll need to invest more energy into crafting content and social media posts that people want to share. How can you do this?

By investing in remarkable content.

You can’t write mediocre posts and expect to see organic success on social media. It just won’t happen. People don’t share things that either don’t resonate with them or that don’t make them look like a smarter, more successful and/or cultured person.

How to Increase Your Social Profile Organically | SEJ

Write In-Depth Blog Posts

Everyone’s talking about it.

Long form, in-depth blog posts are a great way to beat your competition and establish your brand as an industry expert. Audiences view these posts as valuable resources, especially when you take the time to include a variety of helpful elements, including:

  • Links to studies, research, and additional resources on the topic
  • Screenshots, custom graphics, and other related images
  • Embedded videos that further expound on the topic

The deeper your content goes, the more valuable it appears to readers. You’ll likely get far more shares on this type of content than generic, mediocre content.

Create Engaging Graphics

Have you ever noticed how images get far more likes and comments than regular text posts? That’s because it’s much easier to consume a visual element, especially on the fast-moving social media platforms.

Sharing engaging graphics is a great way to gain the attention of your audience. When you have something to say, always accompany the announcement with a high-quality image.

Start Investing in Video Content

Social media sites are putting quite a bit of focus on video these days. As an example, Facebook has recently released some powerful statistics about their video element:


These types of statistics should make brands pay attention. If you want to make an organic impact with Facebook, video content could help make that happen.

Learn More About Your Audience

You know what the most important aspect of your Facebook Page is? It’s not the things you post or the content you create on your blog. And it’s not how witty you are or the time of day you share each update.

The most important part of your Facebook Page is your audience.

Once you grasp this concept, you’ll be able to truly design a social media presence that gets popular without paid advertising.

If you truly want to understand your audience, you’ll need to do a few things. 

How to Increase Your Social Profile Organically | SEJ

Interview Your Ideal Customer

Find the person that embodies your perfect customer. This person doesn’t have to be a current customer (although that may help land the initial interview). Here are a few of my favorite questions to ask during these types of interviews:

  • How is the success of your job measured?
  • What knowledge and tools do you to accomplish your daily tasks?
  • What does it mean to be successful in your role?
  • Where do you go to find new information about your job?
  • What blogs, books, or publications do you read?
  • Do you belong to any associations or exclusive groups?
  • How do you network with others in your industry?
  • What are your biggest challenges?

The amount of information these question can reveal will immensely help you with understanding your audience. And, once you understand them better, you can create stronger, more engaging content for social media.

Create Hyper-Targeted Personas

Now that you understand your ideal customer, it’s time to do something with that information. Instead of just letting that knowledge fall by the wayside, put it to use in the form of a hyper-targeted persona.

A persona helps position your content toward a specific person.

When you craft posts with a specific persona in mind, it becomes much easier to tap into the needs, desires, and pains of your audience. In addition to the information you gleaned during the interview, a well-rounded persona will also include:

  • Demographic information
  • Specific details about job roles and duties
  • How your solution heals their pain points
  • Their most common objections to your service
  • Ways you can identify with the persona

A combination of this information will ensure that you know as much as possible about your audience. If you create highly-engaging content for these personas, you’ll be able to drive social media engagement without paying for ads.

Avoid Common Faux Pas

Nothing can ruin a solid social media strategy faster than falling victim to common mistakes, all of which can destroy your reputation and leave you with a lackluster social presence.

And that’s the last thing your brand needs.

There are a few major social media mistakesdo everything possible to avoid them at all costs. If you really want to make an impact without paying for advertising, you can’t afford to let your brand be caught by these mistakes.

How to Increase Your Social Profile Organically | SEJ

Speak to the Context of Each Platform

Don’t post the same update to each social network you’re on.

Instead, create custom content for each profile. What works on Facebook won’t work on Twitter. And the things you post on Instagram should be different from the pictures on your Facebook page. Every platform has its own culture, and you should craft content with that in mind.

Posting the same message to each platform is lazy. The people who follow you on several networks should be considered your more loyal fans. When you don’t take the time to craft unique content for each platform, you’re punishing them for supporting you.

Show how much you love your raving fans by sharing unique, engaging content that fits the context and culture of each platform.

Infuse Your Posts With Brand Personality

Don’t post boring, generic updates.

The online world moves fast. If you’re just mimicking everyone else, no one will pay attention. Get out there and share your brand’s personality with the world. It’s the thing that will make users want to see your stuff.

Update Channels on a Regular Basis

Don’t post infrequently or on an irregular basis.

If you want your content to be seen without paying for ads, you need to get your engagement rates high. It’s possible to accomplish this by staying top-of-mind and publishing great updates frequently throughout the week.

Success on social media comes down to a complex web of strategy and tactical implementation. If you want to see organic success on Facebook and the other social networks, it’s time to invest in the right plan.

You don’t have to pay for ads to gain momentum on social media sites, but you will have to work that much harder to obtain it. Are you willing to put in the effort?


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  • miheevakatiy

    I personally use other ways to grow your social network profile, my methods are also quite effective, but your recommendations may be helpful if properly applied and continually improve

    • Aaron Agius

      Lots of ways to skin the social media cat, for sure. Glad you’ve got another approach that’s working for you.

      • miheevakatiy

        thanks you to

  • ‫ניסים ויצמן‬‎

    Aaron good article!

    • Aaron Agius


  • Florian

    Cool info and some more items for this year’s to-do list… Thanks Aaron.

    • Aaron Agius

      Cheers, and good luck with your 2016 to-do list.

  • Tanmoy Das

    Since, FB has been focusing on generating revenue through ads they have limited the post reach for organic audience. These are really some cool tips for increasing your post reach & engagement organically ! Thanks for sharing Aaron !

    • Aaron Agius

      Thanks, appreciate you reading.

  • Roger Rogerson

    Interaction is about the only thing missing there.
    You covered just about everything else 😀

    Responding to comments, acknowledging shares, @naming people, asking questions … such things keep the post “alive” and make it more memorable, personal and communicative.

    Commenting on other peoples stuff can be crucial. Not only are you presenting to yourself to other peoples audiences/acquaintances, but offering “proof” and displaying your knowledge, skills, insights, personality and you’re willingness to participate.

    There are various “styles” of posting/interacting.
    Post-and-Run is one to avoid. There are only a few things worse than making a post and not bothering to respond to comments, or commenting and not following up (big Hint to some of the authors out there :D).
    Trolling, flaming, topic hijacking/derailing and attention seeking are other things to avoid.

    In the middle are the “quickies”; “me-too’s” and “loved it” may not be suitable for some platforms/audiences. Shallow responses may put people off, and are often a wasted opportunity.

    Answering raised questions, requests for further info, suggests, critiques – these build loyalty, further trust/authority and can build relationships.
    Aiding other commentors, lending support to their questions, pointing to useful resources etc. can do the same and help garner you new followers.
    Providing insights, asking tough questions, looking at things from different perspectives can do the same.

    People need to keep in mind that Social is Work.
    Far to many complain they get little traction/benefit – but aren’t willing to apply their resources or make the effort … and maintain it.
    It’s no different than other marketing channels – you have to be consistent.
    It’s no different than other communication channels – you have to interact with others.
    Do those, and you should see benefits over time … along with the suggestions above.

    • Aaron Agius

      Absolutely agree. I didn’t feel like I could due the subject of interaction justice here, when I was already touching on so many other things – it really needs to be its own piece (as you can see from all the info you’ve shared). Great stuff.

      • Roger Rogerson

        Several of your points above could be expanded as well – I think some examples would be fantastic (as lets face it, most people won’t understand tying in the platform, nor injecting their brand).

        I think you could easily do a run of posts based off of this one 😀

  • Woo Expert

    I agreed with few points. but about writing content and creative designing its take money as well. If you will not pay to Facebook then you need to pay someone to do all above things you mentions.

    • Aaron Agius

      True – you’re investing one way or another. But if you’re able to do any content creation in house, you can at least invest your time, rather than your money, if you’re short on time. Investing in content creation at least leaves you with an asset you can use again and again, as well.

  • TechBeamers

    The list of action items is really cool but like we find on most of the places the point “write in-depth content” always takes precedence and here is as well. Though the point which recommends to learn about the audience is the key take away for me. There is one way, I’m getting my brand promoted and has been working for me is to deliver quizzes on the subjects which I blog about and the readers love. It’s kind of an instant way to fetch the attention and people like to share..

    • Roger Rogerson

      Competition and Challenge are two solid approaches to use 😀
      Questions, Guess who, Can you name/identify … all work quite well.
      You can even get a little sneaky, and throw in a detail-question (one about them). Over time this can give you some insights into your audience. Alternatively, get a psychometric question set going that you can track the answers too … you’d be surprised how useful that can be 😀

      Other ways to raise interaction are Polls and Suggestion Requests.
      People like to feel “involved” and “have their say” – so you can try that next,
      and see how it plays out for you.

      • TechBeamers

        You won it @ro@rogerrogerson:disqus, nice suggestions.

      • Roger Rogerson

        Yet, as soon as I saw the words “you won”, even I got an immediate sense of achievement/pleasure. You can’t really help it – we are kind of wired that way 😀

        Honestly, try to spend a few hours reading up on behavioral psych/sales psych. You’d be amazed at how much can be transferred, and how easily.
        (You’ll also start noticing things more in adverts and become more immune to sales pitches :D)

      • Aaron Agius

        Agree – great suggestions. And love the idea of investing in behavioral psych education. So much of building an online audience comes down to the basics – figure out what people want and give it to them. I see so many people needlessly complicating the process.

      • Roger Rogerson

        Ah, but that’s the key of the basics – they are simple to see when you know them. But you have to learn to see/use them, and that bit can be darn hard for some people 😀
        (I view it like whistling – I still can’t whilstle … but a lot of people find it really easy.)

  • TechBeamers

    Just tweeted these special datapoints…

    • Aaron Agius

      Cheers – appreciate it.

  • Transport George

    I agree it is essential that you know your audience and learn how to communicate with them.

    • Aaron Agius

      Definitely. It’s an underrated approach when so many people are trying to find the latest and greatest tricks.

    • Super Hero

      Yes it is. Know well your prey, take time to communicate and build trust. Very nice article.

  • Vikas

    facebook keeps on changing their wall algorithm, it’s hard to cop up

  • Shiva Subba

    Good stuff.
    Much appreciated and well defined.