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IM Spring Break Tickets Now $379 : Incredible Value

Ticket prices for IM Spring Break, the 3 day search marketing conference held at the Deerfield Beach Hilton (10 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale) in Florida, have dropped to $379.

For $379 and the discount hotel rate of $119 per night at the Hilton, IM Spring Break is proof that an incredible search conference can be held during tough financial times, which does not have to break your budget or drain your wallet.

IM Spring Break is a 3 day event, with a different theme everyday; Social Media, SEO and Paid Search Marketing. Of course, all themes are intertwined given the industry, and each day will feature its own keynote speech :

  • Social Media Keynote : 10e20’s Chris Winfield : a master at using social media to draw targeted eyes to web sites, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Chris works with large publishing companies and is an expert in social media marketing.
  • SEO Keynote : Neil Patel will discuss the role of search analytics in an SEO and online marketing campaign, and how new age analytics can decipher traffic and behavior from social media campaigns, and be applied to your total online marketing strategy.
  • Affiliate Marketing Keynote : Rae Hoffman (aka SugarRae) is an outspoken and strait shooting affiliate marketer who will be discussing affiliate marketing, making money and other tactics which will be useful for both affiliates and the companies which are building an affiliate marketing strategy. Her session is special, with no live blogging, video or broadcasting of the event.

Other notable IM Spring Break speakers include these search marketing experts:

  • Social media marketing and link bait expert Brent Csutoras
  • Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) on Leveraging Social News for SEO
  • Li Evans on Building a Brand via Social Media
  • Search expert Carolyn Shelby on major SEO coding issues
  • Top Digg Power Account user ZAIBATSU !!!
  • Frank Watson (Aussie Webmaster) and David Szetela on Paid Search

But Wait, There’s More …

3 Days of Sessions AND Consulting

Not only will you be getting the value of listening to these search marketing experts, but at IM Spring Break we will be featuring interactive audience participation sessions and workshops where you can discuss your marketing strategy and questions with our speakers and attendees and get their help and ideas.

Some of these experts charge as much as $500 per hour for their consulting. At IM Spring Break, for only $379, you’re getting THREE DAYS of the best in the business.

Catered Food AND Open Bar Networking Sessions

Each morning before the sessions begin, the Hilton will be providing a mix of muffins, bagels, pastries, cereals, fruits, exotic Miami-style juices and hot coffee to get you prepared for a long day of learning and interaction.

Every day, we will be providing a catered warm lunch which is too big to fit in the conventional cardboard box. Last year at ScarySEO, we featured a selection of Italian and Mexican dishes at lunch along with sandwiches and salads. This year at IM Spring Break, expect the same high-power buffet lunches, if not better.

After a little rest, then we will kick off the evenings with networking sessions of epic proportions. Poolside BBQ parties, finger foods and open bar for two evenings. We’re gonna be livening things up with an IM Charity Party event and with the support of our sponsors, serving Bacon Explosion and Coronas!

It’s Called Spring Break for a Reason

IM Spring Break is going to be held around the same time as ‘Spring Break’ and 5 minutes from the beach, 15 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Beach and not far from Miami. Today in New York there was a foot of snow. Outside of Baltimore, almost two feet. The temperature in Ft. Lauderdale this week is expected to reach a high of 78 degrees. In April, we’re talking 80 degrees.

Yes! IM Spring Break is a search marketing event mixed with sun and fun! We’re close to the beach and the Hilton has a massive pool to party near, or in. You’ll be attending a seriously incredible search marketing conference, with the liberty to catch some rays, drink some beers, and even take advantage of the Ft. Lauderdale night life after hours.

Seriously, what more can you ask for?

$379 for the conference and $119 a night cannot be beat. And you WILL get your ROI after the first day. This is not a cookie cutter conference, we would not allow it, IM Spring Break is going to push the envelop and transform your search marketing strategy. Register Today!

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IM Spring Break Tickets Now $379 : Incredible Value

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