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IceRocket is Now IceRocket Blog Search, Not BlogScour

IceRocket is Now IceRocket Blog Search, Not BlogScour

Last week there were reports in major online news media that IceRocket Search Engine, which is funded in part by Mark Cuban, has rebraded itself as BlogScour. These reports, according to IceRocket, were false and brought about by a bit of confusion. Seems that ever since Ice Rocket launched its blog search service, there has been a lot of notice of their offering around the blogosphere and via net search channels. Given the interest in their blog search function (which also powers the Blog Search Engine and blog results), IceRocket decided to make blog search their default search.

IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes told the Search Engine Journal “BlogScour is something that was widely misreported. We bought the name and are possibly thinking about a blogs only spinoff…we changed IceRocket’s default search to blogs. Demand for our blog search forced us to make this change.”

Seems the misreported news about IceRocket rebranding as BlogScour came from a ZDNet piece which covered a Mark Cuban speech during the the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford University. “I seemed to get the same responses all the time…I wanted something that let’s me know a blogger’s consciousness,” Cuban told the corwd (as reported by ZDNet), “I want to see what the people are saying but make it different than search because there is a real-time aspect to the blogosphere.” BlogScour may be an upcoming Cuban project, but IceRocket is here to stay.

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IceRocket is Now IceRocket Blog Search, Not BlogScour

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