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Advertisement and IceRocket Partner for Blog Search

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    READS and IceRocket Partner for Blog Search and IceRocket Partner for Blog Search, a Gurunet owned answer-based search engine, and have partnered to direct visitors to for reference content, and will send its “blog search” traffic to IceRocket. will receive a share of any revenues generated by its referral traffic to IceRocket. IceRocket Blog Search has over 10 million blogs indexed and currently enjoys another blog search partnership with the Blog Search Engine.

“IceRocket takes a novel approach to search, providing options for a host of different types of searches,” explained Jeff Cutler, Chief Revenue Officer of GuruNet. “Blogging in particular is only gaining momentum as a mainstream medium, and we’re pleased to be partnering with a company that has successfully built tools to efficiently locate relevant content in the blogosphere. We look forward to serving both of our user bases, sharing the best of each property when appropriate.”

Blake Rhodes, CEO of IceRocket, added: “We wanted to add a premier content element to our service, and clearly leads the industry in reference content. It’s a win-win situation and we look forward to exchanging specific types of traffic with them; each party will do what it does best and the user benefits.”


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