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How to Watch the Royal Wedding Online

The world adores a royal wedding. Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a televised wedding with three quarters of a billion viewers back in 1981 – and their son, William, will likely break past the billion viewer point. After all, the event will be broadcast on TV and live on the web, thanks to 21st century technology. There are a great many sites streaming the event live, and several offer unique advantages, commentary, or perspectives.

Some general notes: Most broadcasts start between 8:00am and 10:00am BST (British Standard Time). BST is four hours ahead of EDT and seven hours ahead of PDT. The wedding itself, which is expected to last about an hour, will take place at 11:00am BST – with coverage of the events before (expected to be comprised mostly of commentary on – as ET puts it – the “pre-nuptial frenzy”) and after (including the procession and reception) being covered by the almost all live broadcasts.

Now, here’s a quick breakdown of recognized news sources that are streaming the event live:


The “Royal Channel,” the official YouTube channel of the British royal family, will broadcast the event live starting at 10am BST (5am EDT). The Royal Channel also has a number of videos currently posted which discuss the wedding, and users can even submit their own “best wishes” video for the bride and groom.

ABC will be using Hulu Live to broadcast the event starting at 9am BST. Coverage will be provided by veteran anchors Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters.

CBS News is covering the event starting at 9:00am BST. Katie Couric will be doing coverage and commentary.

PBS NewsHour is broadcasting the event on Ustream starting at 9:30am BST (4:30am EDT).

MSNBC will stream the event on their own site, presumably starting somewhere between 9 and 10 am BST (with exact details as of yet unconfirmed).

CNN is covering the event starting at 9am BST. It will be streamed both on their site and through their smartphone and tablet applications.

Fox News will also broadcast on Hulu Live, with their coverage beginning at 10am. It will be anchored by Shepard Smith and Martha MacCallum, with assistance from Gretchen Carlson, Jonathan Hunt, and Joan Lunden.

The Associated Press will be on the scene and broadcasting via Livestream starting at 6am BST. Their coverage will be the earliest available on the web, commencing from the arrival of the very first guest.

ITN (Independent Television News) will be broadcasting their live stream via Facebook – allowing users to view and share a more natively British perspective.

Entertainment Tonight (ET) and The Insider are using Livestream to broadcast the event starting at 10am BST.

E! Online will broadcast on Facebook starting at 9am BST. Facebook users will be able to stream the event on their own wall using the E! Online video link. Mobile users can also view the E! Online broadcast on nearly any modern smartphone.


If you’re looking for a less “news-oriented” take on the event, there are also some specialized and niche broadcasts taking place. Those include:


Tila Tequila will be giving her commentary via Ustream starting at 10am BST (though what, precisely, she will be focusing on has yet to be said).

Popsugar, broadcasting on Ustream, who will give a running commentary on fashion (primarily hair styles and dresses) and flowers during the event starting at 8am BST.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, more commonly known as Jay and Silent Bob, will broadcast the special event “Jay and Silent Bob Get Married” via Ustream starting at 10am BST.


Know of another location streaming the event? It’s not too late! Give us a shout and we’ll add it to the list, or provide your own link in the comments section below.

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How to Watch the Royal Wedding Online

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