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How to Use Excel to Show Search Results in Multiple Geographies

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How to Use Excel to Show Search Results in Multiple Geographies

Sometimes you need to know how well you are doing in searches in various different geographies. For example you might want to rank in your home market but also see how well you are doing in the global/USA .com market also.

Each market will rank your site differently due to many factors and your SEO efforts could help with one while harming the other.

In addition, the better you can rank in each of the markets you can operate in the more traffic you will generate and the more money you will make.

Here is a tool we created in Microsoft Excel that can track your Google rankings in many localized markets, and show you all this information at once.

It will not work more than once per day, we do not want you getting banned or penalized. You should only need to get these results this often or less anyway.

How it Works

How to Use Excel to Show Search Results in Multiple Geographies

  1. Download the file Localized-rankings.xls, open it and enable macros
  2. Enter your website URL in cell B1
  3. Enter the term you wish to check in cell B2
  4. Every day, press Ctrl-Shift-U, and wait a minute or so for the results

When launched the macro goes to each specific site and checks where your URL appears in the search results. There are a lot of search sites so it can take a little while! Each result is saved as a new dated entry so you can measure progress over time.


There is more to SEO than just – you might find by using this tool you can grow your overall traffic and profit more easily by also targeting local search markets. How else might you use a tool such as this?


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