How to Take Advantage of Google’s Universal Search

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How to Take Advantage of Google’s Universal Search

Perhaps to appease webmasters’ concern about the impact of its new universal search engine to SEO work, the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog published these 5 simple tips on making the universal search work for SEO webmasters and their sites.

  1. Google News results – news content sites can submit their sites for inclusion on Google News and submit news that can be easily crawled in by Google’s meta search crawlers.
  2. News Archive results – for sites with historical news content, submit the site for inclusion to the News Archive Search,
  3. Image results – webmasters must ensure that their images are embedded with sufficient metadata to be properly crawled by the search engine,
  4. Local results – for business sites in particular local areas, webmasters must submit their sites to the Local Business Center to be included in web search and Google Maps,
  5. Video results – take advantage of Google Video and YouTube for video contents. Hosting your videos on these sites ensures proper crawling, referencing and displaying of video results.

I’m sure, SEO experts would come up with ways and means to further take advantage of Google’s universal search. If your site’s SEO ranking gets affected by the universal search, I think it’s about time to make some changes and adopt to the changes brought about by Google’s universal search. Bottom line still is, to create relevant and unique contents which will be searched and utilized by the users.


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