How to Rank for Your Local Keywords in Google Maps

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How to Rank for Your Local Keywords in Google Maps

Today, I’m going to show you how to rank for your localized keywords in Google maps in 3 easy steps. Aside from the obvious fact that you are ABOVE the SERP results, there are other advantages to ranking well in Google maps. Potential customers can instantly get detailed information about your company, and your contact information is easily accessible for those looking to take action now.

Note: If your business is already listed in Google maps, you can simply login to the local business center or your Google account and go straight to step 2.

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Step 1—If you’re not already in Google maps, you can accomplish this by creating a new listing at the Google Local Business Center

Step 2—While creating your listing, you’ll have the opportunity to list relevant local keywords you wish to rank for. You may list them in up to five categories. You can choose from preselected categories, or you can manually enter your own categories.

The trick is to simply type in your local keywords so that you can better control the terms you rank under. Once you enter the keywords, you’ll be asked to complete a few more sections (business hours, payments accepted, user photo, etc.)

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Step 3—Now, all you have to do is verify your new listing. You can do this either by mail or via telephone. Since the snail mail method takes up to 2 weeks, I recommend using phone verification. You’ll receive a call within a few minutes; just enter the code given to you, and your listing will be activated! (note: step 3 is only necessary if you are setting up Google Maps for the first time.)

Once you’ve verified your listing, you’re good to go. Just give Google some time to update. I’ve seen this update take anywhere from a few seconds to several days. Of course, Google doesn’t always show maps for every search. However, I’ve had a 100% success rate for ranking for my keywords whenever Google’s algorithm does choose to show the maps listing at the top. It’s a fast, easy way to get top search engine placement for highly targeted keywords.

Gerald Weber is President and Founder of Search Engine Marketing Group, a leading search engine marketing and web development firm in Houston TX. He also maintains an SEO & Social Media blog.

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber is a professional SEO, social media enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur from Houston Texas. Gerald Founded Search Engine Marketing Group in December 2005. Follow... Read Full Bio
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