How to Get Twitter Followers

How to Get Twitter Followers


Nowadays, there are many brands that are looking for ways on how they can get more followers on Twitter. That’s because it would help them build public exposure using the micro-blogging networking site. What most online marketers didn’t know is that gaining Twitter followers has something to do with “give and take”. Unless you are a big time celebrity or an owner of a famous brand, you’ll need to engage with other users regularly in order to increase the number of your followers.

Avoid Hard Selling

Users go to Twitter to be entertained on a personal level. That being said, you should avoid promoting yourself or your brand too much. If you’re just using the micro-blogging site to post endless links to your products, your Tweeps are most likely to treat you as spam. In order to gain more Twitter followers, you should learn to balance promoting your stuff and having general chit-chat with your followers.

Participate in Hashtag Events

Another way to gain Twitter followers is through participating in Hashtag events on Twitter. Check out what hashtags or topics are trending on Twitter and see if you can join to any of it. By using any trending hashtag or topics on your tweets, you are most likely to see people who share the same interest as yours.

See if there are tweets that pique your interest, and then learn to retweet or respond to their post. This would give your account an exposure on relevant topics. In turn, you can earn more followers that could be ideal for your campaign.

Buy Your Followers

This may put off some budget constrained users. However, buying your followers could also be helpful for your campaign. Take Kim Kardashian for instance. She gets paid for almost every promotional tweet that she sends out.

Just like the reality show star, you can also get the sort of numbers that get you notice and attract endorsements by buying your followers. Although it comes with a price, there are Twitter marketing firms that could offer a massive list of ideal followers for your campaign, which could increase your number of Twitter fans instantly.


Knowing how to get Twitter followers takes time. Regardless, it all starts with being proactive in the Tweetverse. Interact with other users using responses and retweets, so that you could introduce yourself online. In turn, this will put you in contact with potential followers.


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