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How to Get Google to Recrawl a Social Network Page

There are quite a few reasons why it would be beneficial to get social media pages re-crawled. Here are 4 ways to do this.

Ask an SEO - How to Get Google to Crawl a Social Page

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Shallom in Israel. Shallom asks:

“How would you get Google Search to recrawl a social network page as soon as possible as an end user who manages this page?”

Great question, Shallom!

But I’m curious why you would want Google Search to recrawl a page on social media.

I’m guessing you updated the page and want the new version of the page in Google’s indexes and cache?

Or maybe you got some negative feedback and comments removed but they’re still showing up in Google?

Either way, I’m happy to share how I would approach this and it is likely very easy to do.

You simply have to direct Google to the page.

Here are four ways to help Google’s spiders discover your new or updated information.

1. Create a link to your page

The first and likely easiest way is to link to the social media page from your blog or website by mentioning the page within a post.

Now fetch the page on your own website as Google inside Search Console (request it be indexed) and Google should find the link and crawl it.

2. Share the page on a different social network that Google can crawl regularly.

For example, if the page you want to be crawled is Facebook, share the link to it on Twitter and/or Pinterest.  Google checks these platforms regularly and will likely crawl the link from your social share.

3. Run a PR campaign about the page and see if you can get it picked up by a media outlet. 

Google crawls media sites regularly to keep searches up to date with the latest happenings.

If your goal is to get your social media page crawled by Google, then you’re likely doing something newsworthy so give it a try and see if actual media companies will cover it.

If they do, Google will very easily find the link to your social media page.

4. Modify your “Same As” schema nested in your “Organization” schema

If the social media pages or profiles are a new URL for your company or personal page and you have a website, change the “same as” link in your schema to the new page and fetch your homepage in Search Console.

Google should find this when you request the indexing and find the changes in your schema to make the association with the new accounts.

There are a lot of ways you can help Google to find your new and updated social media pages.

The trick is to guide Google there if you cannot fetch the page directly.

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How to Get Google to Recrawl a Social Network Page

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