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How Google Treats Punctuation

Using punctuation in Google search results is the reason for constant misunderstanding and rumors. Meaningful punctuation, like the “#” in C#, hyphens and apostrophes can have a direct effect on how Google serves results, and ranks your site.

I have summarized both the confirmed data and webmasters’ observations I’ve been coming across in the table below:

Not ignored “Meaningful” punctuation C++ and C#
Boolean operators exact match “free online encyclopedia”
“exclude” the term (no space before the word it is related with) – don’t confuse with hyphen dvd -player
“add” the term (no space) advanced +search
Money signs DVD player $400
Underscore symbol (treated as a letter) quick_sort
Advanced operators / shortcuts colon between two words (no spaces)
Synonym search ~apple
Partially ignored / undefined Hyphen The mixture of hyphenated, single-word and two-word spelling variations [air-condition] and [air condition]
Apostrophe matts and matt’s and matts’
Ignored All the rest Compare: apple, windows and apple windows and apple: windows and apple=windows

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How Google Treats Punctuation

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