Holiday PPC Checklist

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Holiday PPC Checklist

It’s almost that time of year when everyone goes crazy for deals. That time of the year when people spend hours shopping online.  This is the time of year when a lot of new Advertisers enter the space, this means that you as a PPC manager or Agency have to step up and go above and beyond to get the top clicks.  Getting the top clicks isn’t’ the hardest thing to do if you have a large budget, but if you are on a penny pinching budget, some of the tips below should help you to make the most out of this holiday season.

PPC Tips for the Holiday Season

According to Peter Haubold of Microsoft there is a 40% increase in impressions from Thanksgiving till Christmas. People are searching for more gift related searches then ever before during the holidays.  Search queries like “flat screen tv” and related searches.  This will help you get into how people search and buy on the internet.  It will help you know more “How people buy” on the internet.  Once you know how people are buying you can craft your ad text to what they want to hear.

Offer Deals

Offer a deal during the holidays.  Nothing helps buyers more then a deal.  Why do you think Groupon is doing so well, they are a deal site.  Having something like “free shipping” or “50% off everything today only” something that will cause people to purchase without even thinking! Even if you have to pretty much give away something for free to 5 people and are “out of stock” this will get millions of clicks to your website.  If your page is good enough to convert people even if the “deal” is over or finished  you will get millions of low cost clicks to your site that should convert very well.

Different Ads

Have different ad text for each day, I know this is a pain in the butt but during the holidays CPC competition will heat up and new competitors will be bidding on terms that you have dominated for the past 11 months.  Changing your ad text daily will help people understand their questions.  Ad text should appeal to the holiday shoppers intent and how they buy things online.  This will not only help improve your CTR but will help you convert more people.  Get into the heads of your searchers.  Write text that they would love to read during the holiday season.  Make sure to also organize these ads into tightly themed AdGroups.

Be specific in your ad text.  Put numbers in there that let people know exactly what you are selling and the price that they will get it for.  This may increase or decrease your CTR depending on if you have a good deal or not but should help you to not get unwanted clicks.  Numbers stand out and let searchers know exactly what you’re offering.

Segregate Brand Keywords

Segregate your Brand Keywords into one AdGroup, I can’t say this enough.  Many people have their campaigns set up with their branded terms scattered throughout their different campaigns.  This is a huge mistake.  This will make all your AdGroups look like they are converting much better then they actually are.  By separating them into their own campaign, it will reduce your CPC cost for that keyword, improve your quality score for the campaign, and help you better know your metrics.  You will not be able to see your unbranded terms and how they perform on their own.  This will allow you to check out all the different keywords that you are bidding on and see if they are actually converting.  These should all be organized into tightly themed AdGroups as well.

Best of luck to everyone during the holiday season.  I would love to know additional tips and tricks that you have used in the past to get more traffic that converted during the holiday season.

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