Greasemonkey Scripts for Social Media Marketers

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I have already listed Greasemonkey scripts for Google search and for SEOs. This time I am reviewing a few scripts that social media marketers will find useful: they allow either to easily bookmark posts or search and analyze social networks (please install Greasemonkey extension to use them).

Digg scripts:

Note: please be careful with Digg scripts as users report you can be banned from Digg even for using absolutely “innocent” scripts (I mean those that are not meant for spamming in any way). I am not sure if that’s true (as I’ve been using them safely so far) but see the discussion in the comments for more details.

  • Advanced Search Options on Digg (as you might have guessed) adds advanced search ability to the Digg home page – this can turn out to be really useful for those who frequently search Digg in quest for link bait inspiration.

Advanced Search Options on Digg

OR: search Digg using Google

  • Digg Comment Colorizer adds color to Digg submission comments to differentiate between different comments;
  • DiggRatingExtender shows extended Digg submission and comment history: up and down diggs as well as the total rating. This might be really interesting to see how many people liked / disliked the comment:


  • Digg User Topics Cloud adds a tag cloud to each user’s profile based on his recent submissions (useful for evaluating if the person is worth a follow):

Digg User Topics Cloud

Twitter scripts:

Twitter Display Popular Trends

  • Now Shoosh! – hides any of your friends’ tweets from your view (in case you followed someone back because you felt you had to but didn’t really want to hear anything from him);
  • Twitter Friends Bio at a Glance – shows bio text, following count and web link for all friends and followers on the Twitter follow or friends list.

StumbleUpon scripts:

  • SU2Bookmarks (found under “You can also” section in the sidebar) scans your favorites and generates a bookmarks.html file. You may import this file into any web browser as a list of bookmarks. Favorites will be sorted in folders by their SU topic.


Reddit scripts:

  • Reddit Filter Plus: now you can use any color to highlight submissions using any keywords or belonging to any domain. The script is easily managed right from your Reddit “Preferences” page.

Reddit Filter Plus

reddit - Undeletion


  • Universal Post Bar adds a sidebar (which hides under P-o-s-t note on the right) to each page allowing you easier access to popular social voting and bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc):

Universal Post Bar

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  • David Bradley

    I was quite startled to see my own ugly mug staring back at me from your post! Thanks for the “faceback”

  • John Carcutt

    Be careful. Users have been reported being banned at Digg for no other reason than using GreaseMonkey scripts.

    From “How I became a Digg Power User” post on

    “I had my first account for many years, and really didn’t know what to do in becoming a power user, so I was doing some stupid things, including installing a greasemonkey script that placed little digg buttons next to your friend’s shouts. Now all along I thought that only those scripts that automatically dugg stories were the ones you could get banned for, and not just a visual tweak that moves the digg button to a more convient location. I guess I was wrong, and I was banned for that. “

  • Ann Smarty

    Hi John, thank you! I updated the post to include your warning.

  • David Bradley

    That’s odd John, don’t GM scripts just change the way a site is displayed, why would they ban you for that, how would they know?

  • Al

    thanks for mentioning my Twitter Friends’ Bio script. I’ve added a few features since this post.. now includes most recent tweet.

    no worries.. this script does nothing harmful, totally local to your twitter session, doesn’t need your twitter password, and won’t do anything on digg site.

  • Tara Kelly

    I was surprised to see you there too. ūüôā (howdy!)

  • Luke Boland

    Wow, I was surprised to see my own script in here! Just to let you know – there’s a new version of the Universal Post Bar that I released today that’s even better!