14 Essential Greasemonkey Scripts for Google Search

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Greasemonkey is an addon for Firefox allowing users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to most HTML-based web pages. To use the scripts you find in this post install the Greasemonkey extension first. This list of
Greasemonkey scripts is dedicated to Google search (if you find that 11 FireFox addons for Google search and 9 Google Bookmarklets are not enough):

  • SearchJump allows to quickly jump between differenet search engines by adding a search sidebar to Google search;
  • Click Search allows to quicly switch to Google search (or to amazon.com, wikipedia.org, youtube.com, flickr.com or twitter.com) with a right click in any search box.
  • Try This Search On adds a toolbar allowing to perform the same search on other search engines;

Try This Search On

  • Mouseless Google navigation – two hotkeys to navigate Google results easily; Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancement is another similar extension with more features;
  • "Keep Your Google Search Dates" is one of my favorite scripts – it keeps the advanced date search drop down always at Google home page and search results page for your easier access to this great option (and another one);
  • Google Cache Mapper adds navigation bar to Google cache allowing to quickly navigate to the highlighted search terms;
  • Google Cache Continue Redux: "when viewing a page in Google’s cache (e.g. Google cache of userscripts.org), this adds yellow "cache" links next to each page link. Clicking the yellow cache link opens the Google cache version of the associated page link, allowing the user to continue browsing the site through Google’s cache."

Google Cache Continue Redux

Google Search Sidebar for FF3 from Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, Flickr, and Youtube

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
Ann Smarty
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  • http://franklinbishop.net/ Blog Expert

    Those are some awesome scripts. On my actually use a couple of them and see how they work.

  • http://www.jamespoole.org.uk James Poole

    Love the keep date one Ann, this is something i think Google should have as standard, at least for logged in users.

  • https://www.searchenginejournal.com Ann Smarty

    @James, absolutely ūüôā as well as the numbered results!

  • http://www.dotndot.com kiran

    These are really useful scripts.thanks.

  • http://www.greenlaneseo.com/blog Bill Sebald

    Nice list. I was thinking of building one of these, actually… glad I saw this post first.

  • http://www.scratch99.com/ Stephen Cronin

    Great list Ann, but I’m wondering why you used Google Search Results – Numbered, rather than Numbered Google Results, which you’ve recommended previously (unless it was one of the other SEJ authors who recommended it)? Just curious…

  • http://www.seosmarty.com/ Ann Smarty

    @Stephen, guess that was me ūüôā not sure how to answer your question ūüôā I guess I use different scripts at different computers – don’t know why (?)

  • http://www.capdigisoft.com CAP Digisoft Solutions

    Almost all the things given here are more useful for google users. we expect these things in the google by default in the near future.

  • http://www.sueblimely.com Sueblimely

    I am going to find Keep your Google Search Dates really handy – I was searching for this specific function after being frustrated getting old results for some recent news. I would have thought it relevant enough to come up top in Google rather than a similar news item from last year.

    I have installed some of the others too and will give them a go.

  • http://getnewsit.blogspot.com anticafe

    I love Google Search Sidebar for FF3 best. It’s so wonderful.

  • http://www.scratch99.com/ Stephen Cronin

    Hi Anne,

    Once again, Borderline spam here, but some Search Engine Journal readers may be interested in my Bing Numbered Search Results Greasemonkey script. For Bing, not Google, but may be useful to some.

  • rino

    wish someone could make a stylish for setting the search box fonts. it’s too big what google has done.

  • http://d.hatena.ne.jp/blooo_en/ blooo

    Hello, here is another Google search sidebar script. It will also make the search page simple and clean.
    Google Search – Sidebar for Greasemonkey

  • Jack


  • Jack