Gradual Roll Out of the New Facebook Home Page Starts

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Update: I just checked out my Facebook profile and it’s now showing the new home page.  My initial reaction is that the Highlights on the left side and the live news feed on the main column seem a bit redundant.  But aesthetics wise, the new home page looks cleaner than the old one. And I would have to agree with Jason, the new home looks more like Twitter now. See screenshot after the jump.

So, has the new “streamlined” Facebook home page activated on your profile already?  Mine has not yet been shifted to the new homepage. But some users are already seeing it on their Facebook profiles. The new Facebook home page which was announced last week would have the following major changes:

  • Improved News Feed, or the stream of content that’s most relevant to you. This stream lets you know what’s happening right now in your world by showing you everything your friends and other connections, such as celebrities, athletes and politicians, are sharing. The stream also makes it simple for you to comment on content and participate in conversations in real-time. 
  • improved Publisher now siting on the top of the home page making  it easy to add your own status, links, photos, thoughts and more into the stream. The Publisher has been updated across the site, including on your profile allowing  you to create content on Facebook, you will know it’s going into the stream.
  • controlling the streams is easier doen with dedicated filters based on user location, connection and existing Friend Lists. You can also filter the stream to show you posts from specific applications.
  • know what happening over a longer period of time through Facebook  Highlights. Highlights  will feature photos, notes and other content you probably don’t want to miss: events lots of your friends are attending, links many people have commented on, public profiles your friends connect to and so on. Birthday notifications and pokes will be in this section, as well.










Jason of  TC is among those who has the new home page on his Facebook profile. And his initial impressions about the new page are:

  • It feels a lot more like Twitter. The whole page focuses around conversations, which isn’t a bad thing at all (I’m noticing fewer items around photos and events)
  • Items may be posted in real time, but it doesn’t seem like the page updates as the items come in (I’m having to refresh to see new content)
  • The Highlights section doesn’t exactly do a great job at highlighting news stories. With only a narrow column to work with the stories don’t stand out. And with so little real-estate, sponsored items (which are basically just ads) are more irritating.
  • The ability to filter the News Feed by Friend Lists is great (I can’t believe we’ve gone this long without it) You actually could filter by Friend Lists in the old version, though the feature was less visible. You can also ‘x’ out friends you never want to see appear in your News Feed again.
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  • kamal patel

    its very nice post

  • Tracy

    Personally, I HATE the new look of facebook. It is, excuse my french but a clusterflip of chaos and unwanted scrolling down the page to get to the information you’re looking for.

    There are definitely more ads when viewing your profile. But, that doesn’t bother me as much as the new functionality and “look” they’ve updated.

    First, I despise the new “HIghlights” on the right. There are a handful of unwanted friends whose “highlights” I don’t care to see, but don’t want to delete them as friends. It looks busy, it is not clean, and I am sick of seeing the same highlights every time I log in.

    Second, there is no way to “collapse” any of the feeds or shrink any of the updates, so if you click on “photos”, you see a large sized picture of the latest friend to add photos and you have to scroll down the entire page in order to see what other friends may have updated their photos. There is no option to collapse it into “one line” like the old facebook.

    Plus, all the text is the same size and boldness, so it is difficult to distinguish whether or not something is a status update, new photo story, link, etc.

    In addition, the “what’s on your mind” doesn’t show what your most recent “status” is, so if you don’t remember you have to scroll all through the clusterflip of chaos on your page to figure out what you wrote last. Really annoying.

    AND… I FINALLY convinced my mother and some other family members to join, taught them how to navigate the pages, why it’s useful and fun to keep in touch with people, etc. NOW it’s so confusing and will have to explain things like… why you can’t get rid of the “highlights” and why there are so many ads on the right side of the page.

    I’m incredibly disappointed at the roll out of the new facebook and am also disappointed in all of the “testing” and “observing of users” and “eye tracking” to find that what they rolled out is nothing but a clusterflip of a chaotic mess.

    I like clean, simple, non-busy. This is the complete opposite of what I once liked about facebook and hope they’ll at the very least give users the option of removing “highlights” or at least customizing them to include only those friends you choose (like you can in the feed portion to the left) and allow the “collapsing” of feeds to one line updates as they did before. Please allow for collapsing! Allow us to customize the look of our own page instead of having to deal with your chaotic mess you created.

    Oh and also add your most recent status to “what’s on your mind” so we don’t have to scroll down to figure out what we wrote last.


  • Gexxa

    I also HATE the “Highlights”, it is hands down the worst feature. It sucks I have too look at those Icons that I truly do not give a damn about. 🙁

  • Mike

    Firefox + AdBlock Plus + AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper +*=UIHomeBox) will kill the entire Highlights section.

  • barby

    Hi Mike,
    Just tried your suggestion and I love it! Now my new Facebook home page looks much cleaner!!!

  • LadyMin

    Thank you Mike… that worked perfectly!

  • Whirl

    It’s nice that you can kill the utterly useless and totally pointless Highlights section.

    What I need next is to be able to see the Events and Birthdays on my homepage like I used to. What the hell, Facebook?

  • leeanne

    i hate the highlights too i think is geting ever one down all my friends dont like it it would not be so bad if thay wos just to take the highlight away

  • lehighkid

    @leeanne you can accomplish this by using a GreaseMonkey (FF) or GreaseKit (Safari) script from called Facebook Highlights Remove. It has the option to keep individual sections of the Highlights panel. I am using it now so it shows only Birthdays for Today and Tomorrow and People I may Know. HTH

  • Simon Field

    If you don’t want to use greasemonkey, and want a quick fix for removing highlights with adblock, use the following filter:*=UIHotStory)

    It leaves the box heading, but this may be removable by a further filter?

  • Heath

    I may be a moron for asking this, but what exactly do I type into the filter line for Adblock Plus? I copied and pasted the lines from above, but it tells me its an invalid url. Any help please?

  • Elle Laine

    I detest YOUR NEW HIGHLIGHT. A friend of mine keeps looking up slutty pictures and they show in my highlight (ex. Hello Kitty–I hate that pic of a woman with her wares displayed–it’s not artistic at all. Vulgar and disgusting). PLEASE REMOVE HIGHLIGHT.

  • oilyflutesalad

    Simon, there’s no way that I know of to remove the heading without messing up other stuff. The two ways I tried were to hide the highlights based on position, but there’s no way to tell if there are friend suggestions so it won’t always work. Another way is to only hide it, based on position, if the class is UIHotStory, but that goes on to hide the events as well if there are friend suggestions. So yeah, the only way is to remove the actual highlights, not the heading.

    Heath, as Mike said up the page, you need “Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper”. AdBlock Plus on its own is just for URL’s, hence the error you’re getting. Alternatively you could get Stylish ( or Greasemonkey and install my style from and that will get rid of the filters too, but you can easily take parts out of the code if you want the filters left in.

  • cmatt

    adblock type as is, without quotes

  • walter churchill

    Facebook has become SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!!!
    HIGHLIGHTS Sucks!!!
    SUGGESTIONS Sucks!!!
    It takes forever just to load the Facebook home page….But, it’s probably understandable…I’m only running over an 8mbps connection.

  • Nadia Hopkins

    Hi. I am a new user of facebook and the computer!. This may seem like a really stupid question but could someone please tell me how to upload a video from my e-mail to the highlights section on facebook? Thanks alot.