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Google’s Rich Results Test Tool Supports ‘Article’ Markup

Google is updating its Rich Results Test tool with support for article structured data markup.

Site owners can now use Google’s Rich Results Test tool to validate their ‘article’ structured data markup.

Article structured data can be used to markup news, blog, and sports article pages.

Adding article structured data can enhance the appearance of the page in search results.

Enhanced features include placement in the top stories carousel, the host carousel, and visual stories

The markup can also enable rich result features such as headline text and larger-than-thumbnail images.

Using the Rich Results Test tool site owners can now check whether their markup is implemented correctly.

This will offer an opportunity to fix any errors in the markup before the article gets published.

When valid markup is added to an article it will become eligible to serve as a rich result.

As with any type of structured data markup, adding it to a page does not guarantee it will serve as a rich result.

However, using structured data helps Google understand a page better. That can be beneficial whether or not Google decides to display a rich result for the page.

Learn more about article structured data here.

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Google’s Rich Results Test Tool Supports ‘Article’ Markup

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