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Google’s New ‘Cameos’ App Lets Celebs Answer Questions from Search Results

Google has launched a new app for celebrities and public figures that allows them to record video responses to questions that are frequently asked in Google’s search results.

The new app, called Cameos, is designed to help celebs and public figures ensure people are getting accurate information about them from Google search.

“Cameos on Google lets you be the authority on you. Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you.”

Cameos is an expansion of a feature that was introduced last year as a pilot project, where video responses from celebrities were embedded into mobile search results.

Initially, the feature was rolled out with only a limited number of celebrities. Now it’s available to anyone who qualifies after submitting an application.

Google will present the individual with popular questions about themselves. They can then provide a video response however they want.

So far, celebs have mostly been providing self-shot videos using the front-facing camera on their phones.

Responses recorded using the Cameos app will appear in the search results, and may also appear in the home feed of the Google app to people who have been identified as fans.

“All your answers get posted right to Google and your fans will see it when they search for you or scroll through their feed in the Google app.”

Video responses will only show up on mobile devices for people in the US.

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Google’s New ‘Cameos’ App Lets Celebs Answer Questions from Search Results

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