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Google’s New Ad Type Targets Users Watching YouTube on TVs

Google has introduced a new ad type which is designed to capitalize on the growing trend of people watching YouTube on TVs.

Users spend a combined total of 150 million hours per day watching YouTube on television screens, making it the fastest growing medium.

This is due to smart TVs becoming the new standard, as well as the rise of internet connected devices such as video game consoles, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and so on.

In an effort to target more of these viewers, Google will soon roll out a new “TV screens device type” in AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Google AdWords will also be introducing a new segment, called “light TV viewers,” for targeting users who are less inclined to watch traditional TV programming.

”Advertisers will be able to reach people who consume most of their television and video content online and might be harder to reach via traditional media. This audience is reachable on YouTube across computers, mobile, tablets, and TV screens.”

Lastly, a new ad type will be rolled out specifically to YouTube TV, which is said to reach over 85% of US households.

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Google’s New Ad Type Targets Users Watching YouTube on TVs

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